Most successful jewelry influencers in the world in 2022

5 Jewelry Influencers Every Retailer Should Know In 2022

Almost all successful women have one thing in common: they are passionate about what they do. The following five inspiring women absolutely manifest that rare trait. They all found their passion in life and turned it into a thriving business.

Each of these five women is one of the strongest influencers in the jewelry industry. They know what's hot and what's not, and all together, they have the ear of millions. This is why each and every one of them should be on the radar of every diamond retailer in the world!


Tracey Ellison

Tracey Ellison is a South African born whose passion led her to create the Instagram account @thediamondsgirl and co-found the @ChampagemDiamonds to share her love and appreciation of beautifully crafted pieces with likeminded individuals. With a loyal following of jewelry lovers and industry insiders, Tracey’s account on Instagram, has over 800,000 followers! Clearly, she knows her audience, and how to engage with them, so we were eager to ask her opinion on what people look for most when shopping for high-end jewelry. In response to that, Tracey said, "People want to buy from a brand, or a jeweler, that they can trust. Modern consumers want ethically sourced sustainable gemstones. Transparency has become very important, and many educated consumers carefully consider this before making purchases."

Tracey Ellison's Instagram feed features her traveling the world seeking out both classic and contemporary items from global high jewelry brands, such as Graff, Cartier, etc., as well as new and emerging design talents.


Tracey Ellison- @thediamondsgirl


Bebe Bakhshi

Bebe Bakhshi is a Melbourne-based with a passion for high-end jewels and one of Australia's top jewelry influencers. We asked her to provide us with some insights as an industry insider regarding what people look for most when shopping for high-end jewelry. Bebe said in reply, "Classics always have their own clientele, but complex pieces, wearable art, and unique creations are what attract the younger generation."
Bebe's @champagnegem is one of the leading platforms dedicated to niche diamonds & high-end jewelry, with a 0.95% engagement rate and over 655,000. There, Bebe shares her daily doses of sparkle and her exquisite taste that can inspire anyone to hit the jewelry aisle. In response to a question about her favorite new jewelry trend, she replied, "Since the pandemic, you can see more focus on color-oriented pieces to uplift our spirits; with well-known global jewelry houses."

Lastly, we asked her view on one of the hottest topic in the diamond industry at the moment, ethically sourced and produced diamonds. Bebe replied, "I am glad that because of millennials and end-user demands, we now emphasize its importance and are working to ensure all components of every piece have a recorded traceable chain. I believe the end-user genuinely appreciate the transparency and the ability to trace their rare diamond and that knowing the journey of your diamond adds to its appeal and attraction."


Bebe Bakhshi - @ChampagneGem


Katerina Perez

The Russian-born and Paris-based, Katerina Perez, has transformed her hobby of jewelry blogging into being a universal influencer on all things jewelry-related. She now has more than 300,000 followers on her Instagram account, @Katerinaperez, and is widely recognized as an authoritative voice in the world of fine jewelry. In July 2021, Katerina was the first jewelry influencer to win an award at the prestigious global award contest run by the World Influencers and Bloggers Association (WIBA) for her impressive career as a top blogger in the diamond industry.

When asked what her favorite new jewelry trend at the moment is, she replied - "solo earrings. There is something so powerful about wearing one statement jewel that boasts the intricate design and grabs all the attention. Especially when that attention is drawn to one's face. I have one such earring myself, and it is a great conversation piece." Katerina is also a jewelry consultant, founder of the popular Katerina Perez website and works as a freelance journalist and Jewelry Editor at VV Magazine. When asked what high-end jewelry buyers are looking for most, she replied, "I think most people are looking for that boost of positive emotions that high jewelry evokes every time you look at it. At the end of the day, jewelry makes us dream!"


Katerina Perez - @katerinaperez


Tatyana Pfaifer

Tatyana Pfaifer is a Jewelry connoisseur, entrepreneur, and art-lover and, according to, "a pre-eminent voice in the jewelry world who is widely recognized for spreading the culture of jewelry arts." Besides founding @Jewellery_masterpiece, a strong and dominant Instagram account in the Jewelry industry with more than 300K followers, Tatyana founded The Jewelry Masterpiece Awards, where excellence and artistry in the jewelry world are being honored. Jewelry companies, artists, designers, and writers are all invited to participate in the one-of-a-kind awards program that is most likely the only one offering significant cash prizes.

Tatyana has traveled the world constantly visiting every notable jewelry and art exhibition, meeting artists, exploring, filming, and wearing true "objets d'art." As someone who's seen it all, we asked her what her favorite new jewelry trend is; Tatyana said, "I am actually not much into jewelry trends. I am more into timeless, unique pieces, both contemporary and antique." We asked Tatyana what her view is on responsibly sourced and produced diamonds and socially responsible businesses. She replied, "An ethically sourced diamond comes from a mine that complies with strict labor and environmental regulations. We are talking about people's lives here and their conditions of life and work, so we must raise awareness of any existing problems and seek their solutions! "


Tatyana Pfaifer - @jewellery_masterpieceiece


Margo Raffaelli

Last but definitely not least, Margo Raffaelli, a jewelry insider, author, consultant, and the founder of @Hernameismargo, is a true inspiration for living and breathing fine and high jewelry. Margo attends the world's biggest jewelry shows, like the Paris Biennale and Baselworld, so that you can get a glimpse at some of the most unusual and extravagant jewelry there is on her Instagram page. When asked about jewelry trends, she replied, "I never write about trends — they change so fast. Instead, I prefer to focus on more fundamental things such as choosing the best option within your budget and that one can enjoy for a long time."

Margo's goal is to give customers relevant and reliable information to help them form an opinion about the jewelry world and teach them how to separate the wheat from the chaff. When asked what people look for most when shopping for high-end jewelry, she replied, "Three components are needed: unique design, excellent craftsmanship, and best service. Morally mature people, in my observations, do not look for situations in which company employees crawl on their knees in front of them in the hope of making a sale. Instead, they respect communication with a knowledgeable and experienced seller who hears what they are looking for and makes their request come true. The morally mature people wish to be heard instead of being entertained. Parties, gifts, special offers - these are all great, but they should be secondary."


Margo Raffaelli - @hernameismargo


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