AI Technology in 2023: Top Trends In Business and Life

AI Technology in 2023: Top Trends In Business and Life

Today, we’re unquestionably living in an AI-powered world where groundbreaking innovations are continuously popping up and gracing our lives with more convenience, higher potential, and endless possibilities. However, this year is when the technological scale really tips in the direction of advancement. Here are some AI trends in 2023 that are going to change the landscape of our lives in business and at home.


Generative AI

In simple terms, generative AI is a facet of machine learning that creates new data and content using data that already exists within its program. People are finally seeing a more creative and inventive side of AI, and it’s being met with much fascination. This creative reach has extended as far as and beyond code, text, images, audio, and video. Here’s where it’s making the biggest impact currently.

  • ChatGPT – Being released at the tail end of 2022, Chat GPT has quickly made an impact. This large language model can answer questions and performs tasks in seconds. The open AI used to design it also allows it to seamlessly copy the sound and style of human dialogue.

  • DALL-E – Named after Spanish artist Salvador Dali and the hit Pixar film WALL-E, DALL-E take prompts typed in by users and creates several astounding images based on them. While many use it for fun, it has actually helped numerous companies with their branding and creative marketing endeavors.

  • GPT-3 – This language prediction model autocompletes text after studying millions of webpages papers on any given topic. The text it provides is remarkably human-like and is making quite a name for itself when it comes to descriptions, topics, introductory sentences, and more.

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Advancements in Human/AI Collaboration

Al and human collaboration isn’t new, but it’s expected to widen its reach significantly in 2023. This beneficial partnership has already enabled many industries to become more cost effective, efficient and consistent. Automotive manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, the food industry, electronics, defense and so much more are already relying heavy on AI in terms of manufacturing, of course this also goes for the diamond industry.

Being trendsetters, Sarine has been reimaging the diamond sector for decades by introducing cutting-edge technology across the entire pipeline to a very dramatic benefit. Most recently, we have rolled out AI grading into the manufacturing segment. In-source AI grading has succeeded in creating a more efficient value chain, cutting costs and increasing the margin for both manufacturers and retailers.

In practice, it takes all the know-how of a traditional diamond grader and gives it that AI touch with machine learning. This means a grading solution that learns from every diamond it grades and becomes more accurate and accelerated with each passing day. Most impressively, it produces an undisputed 4Cs grading that expands the evaluation into brand new parameters, presenting a new layer of transparency to diamond consumers


Voice Technology

Voice cloning, the act of generating new and original audio based off a person’s voice has been displayed on social media and YouTube to a wide range of reactions. 2023 might be the year when we see this take off in a number of industries. For instance, the entertainment industry. We’ve seen this in a few films over the last couple years, especially when it comes to actors that have passed on. Voice actors beware, this feature is also expected to be used widely in videos games.

With voice cloning’s ability to convey emotions and tones, tech companies are expected to use voice cloning technology for promotional purposes, instructions and marketing to foreign countries. One platform that is already capitalizing on this amazing AI innovation is MyLegacyVoice.


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AI In the Retail Sector

Despite AI’s growing dominance within almost every facet of our society, there are great number of individuals who look at AI with a but of concern, especially when it comes to e-commerce and retail. However, all isn’t so dim. According to a recent poll by SalesForce, 69% of consumers are willing to embrace AI if it can improve their shopping experience. 91% have already adapted to the use of chatbots and digital kiosk. Little do we know, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are some trends expected to grow in 2023.

  • Phygital Retail – Last year, it was a novelty. The combination of digital and physical retail was taking off amongst big brands in select locations. Chanel stores began using AR smart mirrors in their dressing rooms, allowing guests to zoom in on product details. Nike introduced the NikePlus app. No matter the size or the color, customers we be able to choose the products they're interested in before arriving at the store. This year, we’re expect to see phygital hit the retail sector in a more extreme way.

  • Personal Touch – Personalization is expected to hit hard this year, as AI has the ability to easily look at a consumer’s browsing and buying history and make personalized product recommendations.

  • Sustainability – Modern consumers are socially conscious to an extent never before seen amongst past generations. They want to know that the products they’re purchasing are ethically produced and sustainable. Many companies are using AI to allow consumers to track their products through the supply chain, assuring them of its sustainability. That said, we’re ahead of curve. Combining sustainability and phygital retail, Sarine reveals a diamond’s sustainable source and story with the fully digitalized Diamond Journey™ report. This solution creates an unforgettable salesfloor solution by allowing consumers to trace their diamond from mine to store.

  • The Augmented Shopping Experience – While hype surrounding the metaverse and VR has winded down a little, the sphere is still growing, and 2023 is definitely going to determine its future. That means the rise of the augmented shopping experience. As of now, this means visiting virtual stores and trying on clothes from the comfort of your own home. The possibilities are endless.



Closing Thoughts…

Whether we’re talking blue or white collar, marketing or production, AI is taking efficiency to a level we couldn’t imagine 20 years ago. In 2023, the path to technological advancement is completely paved and humanity as a whole is in a continuous forward motion. What artificial intelligence has instore for us now, we can only wait and see.