Big and Small - Sarine’s Technology Has Every Diamond Covered

For three decades, Sarine’s technological developments have taken the diamond industry to ever greater heights of accuracy, cost efficiency and excellence.

Revolution followed revolution. With the launch of DiaMension® cut grade technology, the way that gemologists assess cut grade was changed forever. The Sarine Light Performance™ report provided a new, objective way to measure a diamond’s actual visual beauty, and Advisor® rough planning software made it possible to create thousands of cutting plans in an instant, maximizing polished yields and profits for diamond manufacturers.

And then, there was Galaxy®, the world’s first inclusion mapping technology that gives diamond planners a precise 3D model of internal inclusions. The Galaxy® technology brought a powerful vision of the internal world of every diamond, empowering the industry with more information about the rough diamond than ever before.


In 2019, Sarine once again opened up a new world of possibility with the launch of Galaxy® Meteor and Galaxy® Meteorite - the leading Galaxy® technology adapted specifically for the smaller diamond segment.


Galaxy® Meteor – Bringing the Future to Small Diamond Manufacturing

In the past, smaller diamonds were mapped for inclusions manually, and the results were much slower and far less accurate than those achieved by the Galaxy® Meteor technology. When it comes to smaller diamonds, however, manufacturers must find ways to reduce the cost of production while still ensuring a good level of quality to maximize the diamond’s value and potential profit margin. Sarine provided the solution with Galaxy Meteor® for rough diamonds between 0.25 and 0.89 carats, and Galaxy Meteorite® for rough diamonds up to 0.4 carats.


Small is Beautiful

For manufacturers of small diamonds, the Galaxy® Meteor reveals a level of detail in the rough diamond that could not be seen before. And, together with Sarine Advisor® 7.6 rough planning software, diamond manufacturers can access dozens of cutting plans without the need for human intervention, reducing planning time and increasing productivity. In the smaller diamonds segment, where profit margins are tighter, efficiency in rough planning is critical.

 Galaxy Meteor2


DiaMobile® XXL – Envisioning a Big Future

While 2020 has been a challenging year for the diamond industry and beyond, Sarine is thinking big and keeping focused on our core mission: the continued development of technologies that advance the industry and help diamond manufacturers, traders and retailers succeed. That’s why we are launching the new DiaMobile® XXL rough purchasing technology. Based on the global popularity and success of the DiaMobile® XL, DiaMobile® XXL is a mobile system for evaluating and planning of large rough and polished diamonds sized up to 250 carats.


Bigger and Faster Too

Not only does the DiaMobile® XXL provide the advanced precision of the DiaMobile® scanning technology used in diamond tenders and manufacturing companies worldwide. The DiaMobile® XXL also enables diamond scanning up to 30% faster than the standard XL device. Whether dealing in rough or polished diamonds, DiaMobile® XXL is a robust, lightweight and powerful device that’s simple to use yet delivers rapid, sophisticated results.

 No matter how big or how small, every diamond scanned by Sarine’s technologies delivers the precision-based data that manufacturers and planners need to maximize its beauty, value, and profitability.CONTACT US