Customizable Diamond Reports Putting Your Brand In The Front

For the retail sector, Sarine diamond reports are a game changer for a variety of reasons. For one, unlike any diamond report to come before it, ours is fully digital, interactive, and compatible with any digital device. This is a diamond report that can be shared and taken anywhere. Secondly, they are based off verifiable traceability data, which enables consumers to track their diamond from the mine to the store. This alone will boost a consumer’s confidence in their diamond by assuring them that their gem is ethically sourced.

However, what keeps customers engaged and enamored with the gem, is the presentation. Not only is the report informative and easily comprehensible, but it is also breathtaking to behold and presents gems in a way that they’ve never been presented before. With that said, there is something extra groundbreaking for the retailer.


Putting Your Brand First

The Sarine diamond report is a white-label report that can be fully customizable to any brand’s look, feel, and attitude. It is this facet that really enables retailers to go the extra mile. While powered by Sarine, it will be your brand’s name on the front of the report and your name that is associated with the consumer’s purchased diamond and the unique salesfloor experience they had at your retailer.


Customization Packages

The Sarine eGrading report can be utilized in one of two ways. It can be via a third party or be fully customizable. Consumers are in full control of the grading parameters they want to share, as they can be customized to their brand. When considering adopting Sarine’s diamond report to your retailer, there are three different packages available to choose from. Each provides an engaging experience, but the customization option varies from package to package.

  • Standard Package – With the standard package, a diamond report comes with a standard experience. While still engaging, the report comes in one language and the Sarine standard logo, background, font, color, and icons.

  • Silver Package – The silver package also comes with a standard experience but puts your brand name in the front of the report. It allows you to choose one of two standard backgrounds. Beige or white. It also comes with a Sarine printed report with the option to use your brand’s logo.

  • Gold Package – The gold package provides an experience unlike any other. The digital package come in two digital views, the report can be provided in two different languages, the background, color scheme, and icons are customizable to the brand’s wishes. It also comes with two marketing pages, several drafts for the best outcome, and a variety of other special experiences.

digital diamond report


Your Say in What You Share

With the full gold package, your diamond report will come with the Sarine Diamond Journey™, Sarine eGrading™ report, the Sarine Light Performance™ report, and several extras, which include the Diamond Journey 360 experience. This interactive sales tool allows consumers to get an up-close look at their gem in a variety of forms, from rough to polished.

However, being customizable means that a retailer can pick and choose what they want to share on their diamond report. If they love the 4Cs eGrading report, but would like to refrain from revealing the Diamond Journey, it is always an option to leave it out of the report. Any of the diamond report’s features can be removed without hassle.


Impacting The Consumer

After creating a unique customizable report for your brand, you’ll be able to see the changes it brings to the diamond buying experience. No more mysteries and unsure consumers. You’ll be able to present their gem with an impressive package that will give them a brand new appreciation and understanding of their diamond.

As stated above, this is an understanding and appreciation that consumers can always have on hand and share with their friends and family. Having your name on that report will put a lasting spotlight on your brand. As the years go by, consumers will look at their report and not see the name of some lab, but of the retailer they bought their gem at. They’ll remember the unique customer experience they got at your retailer, a powerful and engaging experience that they could only get with you.


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