Diamond birthmarks

Diamond Journey: Seeing Beauty in the Scars

Every person is unique, with their own birthmarks, strengths, flaws and character.

It’s a reflection of their life’s journey - everything they have seen and experienced, endured and enjoyed, is etched into their being.

Diamonds are the same - they are created by nature, and they exist in nature, formed by unique geological conditions and pressures brought by fate. Then they are molded by human hands into polished diamonds, crafted by decades of gemological and scientific knowledge, and the influence of art.

To the naked eye, a polished diamond seems perfect. Perfect means “unblemished”. Yet, look a little closer and you’ll see - diamonds have birthmarks and blemishes. Diamonds, like people, have undergone a journey that is reflected in their physical presence; they have internal inclusions and external flaws. But - also like people - diamonds are beautiful, each in their own way.

What is beauty?

Beauty is defined as something that is “pleasing to the eye.” Beauty is not absolute. It is subjective. Everyone sees beauty in different things and different ways.

For some, freckles are beautiful. For others, it’s a beauty mark. Some people see beauty in a lush rainforest. Others see it in a stark desert landscape. Sometimes, we sense beauty beyond the surface: the sound of a person’s voice, or the way their eyes squint when they laugh. A stirring in your soul can make something seem beautiful to you, in a way that no one else can see.

Beauty is not a particular style, or the latest fashion. It’s what brings us pleasure. It is our unique way of seeing and being in the world.


We live in a post-perfection era.

For over a century, the diamond industry has been on a quest for perfection. From the mathematical formula of Tolkowsky’s round brilliant cut, to advanced fancy cuts that have challenged our capacity to achieve optimal symmetry - the combination of human skill and advanced technology has enabled the industry to attain the “perfect” diamond.

It does not come easily, it is very rare, yet it is possible. We have scaled the heights. We have arrived.

Once perfection has been reached, where do we go next?

What comes after “perfect”?


Beauty is transcendent. It is higher than perfection.

Perfection can be defined and created. It can be achieved. But when it comes to beauty, there is no definition. There is no “mold”. There are no rules.

The beauty of the human race comes from diversity. We are all different - in our strengths and our scars.

The same is true of diamonds. They come in every size and shape, and with every possible constellation of birthmarks, created by fate.

Beauty cannot be quantified. It exists beyond us. If we are lucky, we get a chance to see it and experience it.


Beauty is Truth, and Truth Beauty.

That is all you know on Earth, and all you need to know. 

-John Keats, Ode to a Grecian Urn, 1819


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