Diamond Reports That Give Consumers a Choice

In a time when concepts like sustainability and traceability have firm grips on the minds of millennial and Gen Z consumers, it’s the Sarine Diamond Journey™ report that is really teaching retailers how to speak the language of the modern generation. It does so by taking them on a fully digitalized and data-based voyage through the life of their diamond from the mine to their very finger. Knowing these details doesn’t just open their eyes to a diamond’s beauty inside and out, but reveals an ethically sourced diamond that aligns with their values.

It furthermore differentiates your brands by delivering a truly unique sales floor experience. That said, when it comes to the needs of the modern generation and your options for a unique marketing angle, the Diamond Journey™ report really gets to show just how dynamic it can be.

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Digging Into Diamond Provenance

On a whim, most consumers probably assume that the diamonds they’re purchasing are still coming from somewhere in Africa. Now that isn’t untrue, but it also doesn’t cover all the facts. While Botswana, South Africa, Congo, and Angola harbor a large percentage of the world’s diamond production, diamonds are far more diverse, with Canada, India, and Australia being some of the major players in the game. With that in mind, a customer’s newly purchased diamond can literally come from anywhere.

Much like diamonds, people are also diverse and come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and nations. In fact, no other gem may have that much in common with consumers. Given human diversity, it should shock no one that many consumers can be culturally motivated when it comes to the purchases they make. If you don’t understand how Sarine’s Diamond Journey™ fits in with culturally-motivated purchases, I’m about to explain.

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The Customer’s Emotional Choice

A proud Canadian national might jump at the chance of getting a diamond with its origins in Canada. Same with someone of African descent or Australian descent. Other people just might love a certain country or continent and would want their most precious piece of jewelry to be from there. Ultimately, a sales floor experience that can provide this service will tighten the embrace between consumers and their cultural identities, intensify their bounds with their diamonds and differentiate your brand in their eyes and eventually your entire community.

Up until recently, most diamond consumers wouldn’t have had an idea about where their diamond was from, let alone would they have had the opportunity to choose where it came from. Things are much different with the Sarine Diamond Journey™ report. Diamond traceability delivered by Sarine’s data-based report isn’t solely limited to opening up a diamond’s backstory. If the retailer desires, it can also empower customers by allowing them to choose where their diamonds come from.

An Opportunity To Embrace Consumer Values

It isn’t exactly breaking news that the modern generation is about changing the world and paying it forward. Environmentalism, sustaining mental health and empowering the less fortunate are at the forefront of this generation’s mainstream. With that in mind, knowing a thing or two about where a diamond is coming from can significantly impact a modern consumer’s purchase, especially if they know what diamond mines actually do for their surrounding communities.

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While some mines are in industrialized nations, many of the biggest mines are located in developing countries, and for every diamond they are taking out of the earth, they’re giving back and putting something into the surrounding communities. Not only are they supplying locals with job security, decent salaries, and potential for growth, but they are also donating to school districts and orphanages. Basically, diamond manufacturers are sustaining communities.
Modern consumers can feel really good knowing that their purchases can, in some roundabout way, contribute to a community of their choice.

Closing Thoughts…

The Sarine Diamond Journey™ report isn’t just providing retailers with a one-trick pony marketing strategy. It is and has the potential to be very versatile and to reach consumers from multiple angles, as it aligns with socially conscious consumers by presenting fully traceable sustainable diamonds backed by verified data. Ultimately, adapting this new tool to your retailer will differentiate your business from the hundreds of others in your area that are still selling strictly off the shine and carat of the diamond.

The final takeaway is that the selling tactics that swayed baby boomers and generation X, are failing to reach modern consumers. The reality they live in and their values are far different. This report will teach your diamonds how to speak the modern generation’s multifaceted language, a language that just doesn’t respond to the traditions of yesteryear.


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