eGrading's Revolutionary Ripple Effect

The secret has already been out as far back as 2017. Sarine’s AI-based eGrading™ has taken the 4Cs grading process to where it’s never been and has revealed a new depth to diamonds along the way. The old standard of determining a diamonds worth and rarity is beginning to look like an old IBM desktop in a world overflowing with iPads and Smartphones.

Being lightyears ahead of the curve, eGrading expands diamond classification with light performance, diamond  imaging, storytelling and beyond. That alone is enough to drive home the impact it’s having on both Industry insiders and outsiders alike. However, the revolutionary ripple effect it’s having down the entire pipeline is a little harder to see for an outsider looking in. eGrading isn’t only revolutionizing 4Cs grading, but the whole pipeline. Here’s how.


Higher Accuracy, More Consistency

One of the biggest issues that’s plagued manual grading is that it’s subjective, and thus comes with a lack of consistency and accuracy. Ultimately, it means that traditional grading is more or less a gamble. Retailers can make an order for diamonds of a specific 4Cs grading and have to live with the chance of receiving diamonds that don’t fit that mold.

Being AI-based, eGrading tackles diamonds on a level of consistency or accuracy that isn’t even remotely conceivable with manual grading. Given the one in a million shot of two manual graders giving one diamond the same grade, it’s almost fair to say that no diamonds have been graded with consistency and accuracy until now.

The degree of accuracy and consistency provided by eGrading is making way to a level of transparency that leaves retailers and customers with no room for doubts when it comes to a gem.

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Speeding Up the Supply Chain

There’s no question that traditional grading takes time. How much time exactly is up to the gemologist. Sarine’s AI-based eGrading can grade multiple diamonds in a fraction of the time it takes a single diamond to be manually graded.

Why is that good? Zhanna Beissekova, the head gemologist of London-based lab International Gemological Reports said it best in an article by Rapaport, when she said, “Clarity grading is the most time-consuming part of examining the stone, especially when it comes to SI- and lower-clarity stones. This technology can help laboratories increase efficiency and grade more diamonds in less time, leaving gemologists to focus on other aspects of the job.”

eGrading contributes significantly to the shortening of the supply chain. Meaning that between manufacturers and retailers there are faster transactions, minimized processing and significantly reduced inventory. Ultimately, that means money and time saved on all ends.

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Differentiates Your Brand from Others

Manufactures and retailers alike are benefitting significantly from Sarine’s AI-based eGrading. That said, through retailers, its ripple effect is also spreading to customers. How? By taking a regular shopping experience and turning it into a digital one. Knowing what a millennial and gen z shopper love, Sarine’s eGrading report is completely digitalized. What exactly does this report deliver?

Through verified data stored in our impenetrable cloud system, the eGrading report is able to take customers into the heart of their diamonds, as it displays 3D images of the diamond that take an in-depth delve into the gem’s attributes. As one can imagine, this creates an intimate bond between customers and diamonds. To top that off, in a world where people love sharing information between family and friends, the eGrading report is sharable with a click. That alone will differentiate your brand from others and make your retailer something to talk about.

However, the impact eGrading has on a consumer goes far beyond a sharable digital shopping experience. Knowing the exact grade of their diamond and seeing it from many different facets adds an extra layer of trust between the retailer and customer, especially when it’s based on a verifiable data provided by a third-party provider. You are presenting them a diamond they can depend on.

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In Closing…

Sarine’s eGrading isn’t just transforming the grading process from manual to AI-based, it’s changing the supply chain with its speed and efficiency, it’s changing the way manufacturers provide polished AI-graded diamonds to, how retailers present their diamonds and brand and ultimately how customers see their diamonds. As the ripple continuously spreads, eGrading will soon turn into the industry’s standard grading method and cement itself as essential to the pipeline’s flow.