Enabling Traceability, Enhancing the Supply Chain

“A diamond manufactured from rough to polished in just one day.”

This was the vision outlined by Synova SA Founder & CEO Bernold Richerzhagen, during the panel discussion “Rethinking the Diamond Supply Chain” at the Dubai Diamond Conference 2022.

That such an idea is possible provides the perfect illustration of how technology is impacting the diamond industry and transforming the supply chain in extraordinary ways.

Another way that the diamond supply chain is being transformed by technology is traceability. True diamond traceability was once considered the most difficult challenge for the diamond industry. Today, with the advancement of Sarine’s Diamond Journey technology, traceability is not just a reality; it is a complete world of opportunity for all players in the diamond supply chain – from manufacturers to retailers – to take the industry to the next level.

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Welcome to the Sarine Traceability Ecosystem

In recent years, Sarine has been building a data-based platform for diamond traceability that spans the entire diamond pipeline, from mine to midstream, and downstream to consumers. The Sarine traceability ecosystem also spans the globe, connecting miners, tender houses, manufacturers and retailers from Dubai to India, Belgium to Namibia.

The Sarine Diamond Journey is the only verifiable traceability technology in the world that provides both the diamond origin and path of ownership, based fully on objective data at every stage of the process from rough to polished.

Today, multiple manufacturers and tender houses worldwide are partnering with Sarine to become a part of the growing traceability ecosystem.

Enabling Traceability for Retailers

Today’s customers want to know the story of the diamond, and technology is what enables retailers to tell that story: where it was mined, the rough diamond it came from, who polished it and where, how it was polished and more.

In addition to telling the diamond’s story, traceability also connects the diamond to the larger story of sustainability, which is critical in today’s marketplace. Knowing what impact the diamond’s production has on the environment, the local communities who played a part in the mining process, the ability to assure the customer with absolute certainty that the diamond is ethically sourced – all these connect the diamond as a product to the bigger picture of our world.

This transparency along the entire supply chain is invaluable for retailers to have confidence in the verifiability of the diamond’s provenance, to sell confidently, and build trust among their customer base.

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Enabling a Brand Promise

The traceability ecosystem also enables retailers to create a brand promise about their diamonds and to live up to it at every moment. Rather than relying on simple declarations about where a diamond came from and where it has been, retailers can rely on accurate, verifiable diamond data and use it to create an identity that reflects the values and character of their unique brand.

In a competitive and crowded marketplace, having a unique brand proposition is the key to differentiation. With Sarine traceability, retailers are equipped with the information they need to build a story and a promise to their customers. And with the Sarine Diamond Journey digital report, retailers can provide that story of the diamond to customers in an engaging, visual and accessible way.


Traceability that will differentiate your brand

Enabling Midstream Traceability

While the value of traceability is mostly felt at the retail and consumer end of the diamond pipeline, the midstream sector is beginning to understand the deep benefits of traceability at the manufacturing stage as well.

The ability to track a diamond within a factory or during the polishing process at multiple locations enables manufacturers to prevent diamonds being lost or switched. It provides an unprecedented level of control of valuable moving inventory in a dynamic and complex environment. Sarine’s traceability technology integrates seamlessly with existing manufacturing systems and pipeline, making it extremely easy for manufacturers not just to participate in the ecosystem but also gain the enormous benefits.

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No More Waiting. The Traceability Ecosystem is Here.

The Sarine traceability ecosystem is already enhancing the diamond supply chain for numerous miners, tender houses, manufacturers, and retailers all over the world. The result? A more engaging, trustworthy and impactful purchase experience for end consumers. The world’s leading diamond brands, such as Boucheron, are choosing to become a part of the Sarine traceability ecosystem, tracing their diamonds from the source mine all the way to the retailer, with Diamond Journey digital reports specially designed and branded to support the narrative and look and feel of the unique Boucheron brand.

Sarine is the enabler of all this, providing data and delivering it in a way that suits the company’s specific and unique needs.

Wherever you are on the diamond pipeline, whether midstream or downstream, you too can be a part of the Sarine traceability ecosystem and start reaping the benefits today


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