Which Diamond Shape Are You?

Diamonds come in all sizes - and a wide variety of shapes. Although each diamond is unique, different personality types are drawn to particular diamond shapes. In fact, the diamond shape you choose may be a strong reflection of the type of person you are.

Which diamond shape is right for you? Read on to find out.


Round Brilliant: Classic & Timeless  

Did you know that 75% of engagement rings feature a round brilliant diamond? This is due to the timeless brilliance of the 58 facets that reflect to create the amazing sparkle that diamonds are known for. Round brilliants never go out of style, which is part of the reason why they are so enduring as the first choice for diamond engagement rings. If you are a classic kind of girl, with an appreciation for tradition, then the round brilliant might be for you.

Round Diamond Sarine



Oval: Glamorous & Unique

Oval diamonds are a glamorous modified interpretation of the round brilliant. The elongated shape is ideal for people with short fingers, as it helps to give an illusion of length. Although oval diamonds have a strong brilliance, they are less popular than the round brilliant, which makes it a great choice for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd. Oval diamonds also appear larger than they are, so they may be suitable for people who want a larger looking diamond at a more affordable price.

Oval Diamond Sarine



Marquise: Elegant & Exciting

Shaped like a football, with a larger middle and tapered ends, marquise diamonds are both elegant and exciting at the same time. The larger table surface makes the diamond appear bigger, yet the tapered edges lend a unique and non-traditional look. Marquise shaped diamonds go wonderfully with accent diamonds, so this shape is a great way to create a truly exciting and show-stopping ring design.

Marquise Diamond Sarine



Pear: Contemporary & Cool

Pear cut is a teardrop-shaped diamond that looks wonderful in larger sizes. The pear shape has a distinctly up-to-date and innovative look. It’s a great choice for contemporary sensibilities. Set in an engagement ring, a pear shape diamond makes a strong statement, yet is also ideal for pendants and earrings.  

Pear Diamond Sarine



Heart: Romantic & Sentimental

The heart shape diamond is for the truly romantic at heart. The complex cut and sentimental character of the diamond makes it a very special choice for those who want to mark their most romantic life moment with the universal symbol of love. The heart shape tends to look best in larger diamonds, or diamonds of at least 1 carat. This is due to the fact that the cut of the diamond makes it look smaller than it really is.

Heart Diamond Sarine



Princess: Traditional With a Modern Twist

The princess cut is a square shape, and is the second most popular style for engagement rings. The princess is both traditional, like the round brilliant, yet the square shape gives it a certain modern quality. The princess diamond is preferred by those who want to stay on a traditional track, yet want to express their modern style sense as well. Fortunately, princess diamonds are more affordable than brilliant rounds, making them a great option for many budgets. This is due to the fact that two princess diamonds of approximately equal size can be cut from the same rough stone, which leads to reduced waste of diamond material.

Princess Diamond Sarine



Emerald: Regal & Confident

The emerald shape is one of the lesser popular diamond shapes among the general population, however it does seem to be very popular among celebrities. The emerald is a rectangular shape with cut corners and a large flat table surface which makes it easier to see any flaws and inclusions that may exist. Emerald diamonds are cut with a step-style, featuring straight lines around the edges that appear like steps. The diamond can be cut in a longer rectangle, or a wider rectangle. Due to the wide facets, emerald diamonds don’t hide their color.

Emerald Diamond Sarine



Asscher: Vintage & Feminine

Created in 1902 in Holland, the Asscher shape gets its name from the Asscher Diamond Company. The square cut features large facets, a high crown, and a smaller table so it shines more brilliantly than emerald shaped diamonds. The Asscher has a distinctively Art Deco appearance, and is therefore a popular choice among people who love vintage and antique style. Due to its shape, it is easy to see flaws in an Asscher, so it is important to choose a high quality diamond.

Asscher Diamond Sarine


Regal or classic? Confident or contemporary? Romantic or vintage? Your personality traits will help define the best diamond shape for you. Of course, this doesn’t rule out budget and fashion. But remember, a diamond is forever, so it is important to choose a diamond that truly reflects who you are.