Everything You Need to Know About Sarine's Game-Changing eGrading™ Reports

When a customer chooses a diamond, they are not just buying a gemstone. They are investing in a powerful symbol of their dreams and hopes for the future.

Sure, customers want to see how the diamond sparkles in the light and the way it looks on their finger. They want to love how the diamond makes them feel. But they also want the confidence and security that their diamond is really all it appears to be. That’s where the diamond report comes into the picture.

Grading reports have been a fixture of the diamond retail industry for many decades. A lab certificate was typically all that the customer had to rely on, and together with the jeweler’s assurances, it was more or less enough. But with advances in digital technology, growing awareness about ethical sourcing, and changing customer expectations, diamond reports had to become more.

At Sarine, we saw that the revolution in diamond reports was coming. And we developed the AI-based Sarine eGrading™ Report to meet the new needs in the diamond market, just in time.


What is the Sarine eGrading™ Report?

Traditional diamond reports have traditionally centered around the standard 4Cs: carat, cut, color, and clarity. These aspects are assessed manually by gemologists who assign the 4C grades and document them in an official diamond certificate issued by the laboratory.

However, this conventional approach has its limitations. Manual diamond grading, while performed by skilled and professional gemologists, is susceptible to errors. Achieving consistent and repeatable grading with the human eye is challenging, leading to notable variations between diamonds of the same grade or those graded at different labs.  Moreover, the 4Cs alone no longer suffice to comprehensively grasp and articulate a diamond's value, as we now recognize that various additional parameters play significant roles in its overall assessment.

Furthermore, in today's world, where conscious consumerism is on the rise, customers are increasingly discerning. They seek transparency about the origin and journey of their purchases, and their skepticism makes it progressively challenging to provide them with the confidence that their diamond jewelry was ethically sourced and produced.

The Sarine eGrading™ Report solves all these problems and more, thanks to cutting-edge technology and a range of unique and advanced features. Let’s explore them one by one:


The World's First AI-Powered Grading

Since the launch of DiaMension™ automated cut grading, Sarine has developed and perfected AI-based diamond grading machines covering the complete 4Cs. With machine learning algorithms that ‘train’ the technology on vast amounts of diamond measurement data, Sarine’s devices are becoming more accurate over time, enabling 4Cs grading that is more consistent, repeatable, and reliable than manual grading. With Sarine's grading reports, customers get the added assurance that their diamond was scanned, measured, and graded with automated AI-driven technology from a world leader in the industry.


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AI-Powered Diamond Journey™ Traceability

The path from rough stone to polished diamond is long, complicated, and unique to every individual diamond. It is also deeply fascinating and compelling. Customers today are hungry for knowledge about the source of their diamond – what is its story? Where was it mined? What did the diamond look like as a rough stone before it was cleaved, cut, and polished into the sparkling treasure that it is today?

All this information and more is available in the Sarine eGrading™ Report. This is thanks to the integration of Sarine's technology throughout the entire diamond pipeline. From rough planning to cutting, polishing, and grading, Sarine’s devices touch the diamond every step of the way, providing verifiable traceability that is unprecedented in the industry. Featured in the Sarine eGrading™ Report, the Diamond Journey™ Traceability report is a compelling visual description in 3D of the diamond’s provenance, beginning at its birth in the mine, providing customers with another powerful way to appreciate their diamond and gain assurance about its true origins and ethical journey.


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AI-Powered Light Performance

While they may have similar grades, no two diamonds are completely alike. This is due to the unique play of light as it enters and exits a diamond. Even the smallest difference in clarity and cut can have a huge impact on the diamond’s appearance as it interacts with light, and this is what the Light Performance component of the Sarine eGrading™ Report is designed to explore.

Over many years of development, the Sarine Light™ device has become the industry leader in measuring and analyzing a diamond’s light performance. Light Performance grading in the Sarine eGrading™ Report covers four light performance parameters: Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire, and Symmetry. The diamond receives a separate grade for each parameter, and an overall Light Performance grade based on an amalgam of all four parameters.

Beyond the 4Cs, Sarine provides Light Performance grading as an additional dimension from which to understand the diamond’s unique character. It helps the customer understand why two diamonds that are both graded as VVS1 clarity and Very Good cut grade can look so different. And that is an extremely valuable tool for jewelers to use on the sales floor.


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The Ultimate Diamond Report

Every diamond purchase holds deep meaning and emotion for the customer. The diamond buying process is intricate, and retailers require potent tools to cater to today's customers and provide the necessary support for their diamond choices.

The Sarine eGrading™ Diamond Report combines the best of every world: AI-based 4Cs grading, precise Light Performance analysis, and verifiable traceability. These are all presented in a beautifully designed printed or digital report. Sarine eGrading™ Reports empower retailers to excel and increase sales while giving customers unprecedented insights into their diamond purchases.

For both buyers and sellers, eGrading™ by Sarine is reshaping the diamond industry, with every diamond purchase and every Sarine Report contributing to this transformative journey.


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