Experience a Digital Diamond Journey Like No Other

In recent decades, the general masses collectively switched from associating diamonds with lavish lifestyles and romantic symbolism to something much darker. Brought about by years of civil unrest in a handful of nations and capitalized upon by pop culture, these beautiful gems were suddenly seen as unethical. The diamond industry took measures to see that diamonds were strictly ethically sourced. However, amid these big and monumental changes to the industry, the negative association remained intact. For years, the industry’s sustainable efforts fell on deaf ears and were continuously accused of hurting the environment and benefitting at the expense of society’s most vulnerable.

Growing up around those stereotypes is a whole generation of new consumers, convinced natural diamonds are not unique. This can be attributed to them seeing such a large amount gems being sold in jewelry shops, and  the existing “Hollywood narrative” that's the opposite of the modern consumer's ethical values. That is a huge problem, as Gen Z and Millennial consumers are all about aligning their purchases with brands that align with their values.  


An Impact That Touches Everyone

Being trendsetters and innovative leaders in the diamond industry, we at Sarine see it as our mission to create not just tech value, but also a light at the end of a very dimly lit tunnel, and we're doing this with our traceability data, which follows every stone from its source up to the store. A couple of years back, we released a Diamond Journey video, which revealed that every diamond had a story to tell by way of their inclusions and imperfections. We showed how inclusion are like beauty marks for diamonds and how they play a huge role in diamond identification. It caught the eyes of millions and led to retailers adopting our Diamond Journey™ report as a means to emphasize this narrative during the sales process. Now we find there’s a need for an additional layer of that story that needs to be revealed.

Why? Because we believe it can create an abundance of opportunities across the diamond pipeline and a new opportunity for the end consumer to rediscover the beauty of a diamond, but this time through the undisputable human shine behind these precious stones. This continuation of the journey can be something that can take diamonds back to the popularity of their heyday.  

This will be done through our new Diamond Journey website, which reveals that a diamond isn’t just a beautiful stone that connects one lovestruck individual to another, but connects them to millions of people across the world. Their diamond purchase connects them to mining communities in Africa, manufacturing communities in India, to animals on a conservatory and even to a dawn that reaches far beyond our own lifetime. A person isn’t simply buying a diamond, they are purchasing a piece of our planet’s legacy.


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An Impact That is Real 

In detail, the website reveals everything that a consumer might be interested in learning: from the diamond's birth to the mining and craftsmanship of natural diamonds. All of which result in opportunities and benefits for millions of individual people and the environment. Here are some examples of the impact a gem has before reaching the consumers.

  • Real People – Diamond mines in multiple African countries across the continent have seen villages against all odds be transformed into booming settlements, where the locals are given opportunities for a higher quality of life.
  • Real Promise – The benefits of mining aren’t limited to humans, as they also impact the wildlife situated in areas around the mine. Mining companies from around the world put a great effort into assuring the animals can live in a wild and natural state.
  • Real Progress – From female empowerment to sports education, there are plenty of examples of mines giving back to the environment that is blessing them with such rare and beautiful gems. 


Sustainability Doesn’t End at The Mine

This website further reveals that like the diamond itself, the notion of sustainability flows down the pipeline and into the manufacturing segment. With many diamond manufacturing hubs opening schools and hospitals in their surrounding regions. Let’s not forget to mention that they supply thousands of jobs that come with room for growth. Most manufacturing hubs promote an equal opportunity workplace, in which some even specialize in hiring the physically disabled, who otherwise wouldn’t have any opportunity to make an income to sustain themselves.


Before You Dive Into The New Tool

We hope that the open source to transparency we’re delivering in the form of our new Diamond Journey website, reopens minds and hearts to the world’s most beloved gems. Diamonds are still the luxury item the world always knew, but now with multiple layers of depth that most would never expect. This is Diamond Journey transparency on a level never before seen. And transparency is not only a must in today's landscape, but also an ally. That's why Sarine, as an industry leader in traceability is doubling down on it and taking it to the next level with a website that will help you create more relevant experiences for your modern consumers.


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