[Audio] Podcast Interview with Sarine Chairman Daniel Glinert

Did you know that this year, Sarine Technologies is celebrating its 30th birthday?

That's right - Sarine was established in 1988 and the first machine developed by the company was the Robogem, a gemstone processing device. It was only a short while later that Sarine entered the world of diamonds.

The story behind Sarine is really fascinating. It's a story about gemmology, Israeli hi-tech, and global expansion. Throughout this 30th celebration year, we'll be posting some interesting stories and tidbits about the company, its breakthroughs and influence on the diamond industry. And to kick off, here's a recent podcast interview with Daniel Glinert, the Chairman and one of the founders of Sarine.

As the first Israeli company to be traded on the Singapore stock exchange, it's only fitting that this in-depth interview, full of personal anecdotes and an inside view of the company, should be given in Asia, to The Asian Entrepreneur at Go to the podcast here or click below to listen.