New Diamond Experiences: Diamond Beauty Mark™ and Halo Clarity Grading

Shopping for a diamond is not what it used to be. As technology impacts the consumer world, diamond buyers are looking for more: more information, more accuracy, more transparency, and more engagement.

The Sarine Profile™ digital diamond report is designed to create just such an experience. It goes beyond the standard, decades-old lab report, mostly based on dry, technical diamond information. On the contrary, the Sarine Profile report is a 360-degree visual, informational and interactive experience of the diamond.  A modular product, Sarine Profile is constantly growing in its capabilities with new and different diamond experiences. Wholesalers and retailers can choose which sections of the Sarine Profile they want to include to create the shopping experience their customers want.

With the addition of AI-based clarity grading to the Sarine Profile report, a more intuitive and accurate experience of understanding a diamond’s clarity is now available to consumers. The new clarity grading in Sarine Profile is known as Diamond Beauty Mark™. Rather than referring simply  to a diamond’s inclusions and flaws, which impact its clarity grading, Sarine refers to them as “beauty marks”. This “rebranding” of the clarity concept makes the diamond’s unique features more accessible and relatable to consumers.

Most recently, Sarine has released the “Clarity Halo” feature, which provides another optional flavor to the Diamond Beauty Mark™ view.


Understanding the Basics of Clarity Grading Reports

Some diamond reports today include clarity plotting, which is an illustration of the diamond's main clarity features as seen from the table and the pavilion, with specific reference to various inclusion types. Here is an example of clarity plotting:


 Typical clarity plot for standard diamond

An example of a typical clarity plot as shown in a standard diamond report.


This type of illustration is created by a gemologist, and features markings of the various inclusions, their size and type. It requires some knowledge about diamonds and inclusions to understand it. It is important to note that not all inclusions are plotted, but only the main ones, without a specific written rule indicating what the "main inclusions" are.

For many lay consumers, who have no gemological knowledge, this type of clarity plotting may be confusing, and it may not help them to understand the diamond in the way that suits their needs.


Presenting Clarity Grading with Clarity Halo View

Diamond Beauty Mark™ offers a true visual presentation of a diamond, displaying its inclusions as can be actually seen with magnification. This allows the consumer to really understand the diamond's clarity without the need for professional gemological skills or equipment.

When using the Clarity Halo View, the main inclusions are loosely circled in a graphical ‘halo’ (hence the name), which highlights where certain flaws and inclusions can be found.


Clarity Halo from the Sarine Profile digital diamond report.
Clarity Halo from the Sarine Profile digital diamond report. Screenshot.


 The Clarity Halo View was designed to make it even easier for customers to find and understand the diamond’s inclusions. Most diamonds have flaws, and customers who are presented with the diamond’s true appearance in an honest and open way are more likely to feel secure and confident in their purchase. Part of increasing customer confidence is by making it easier for them to see the diamond’s natural “beauty marks”, rather than hiding them behind technical,gemological presentations that are difficult to understand.

Clarity Halo feature helps the customer generally locate the main inclusions that affect the diamond’s appearance or sparkle. These more prominent beauty marks are the factors that make the most difference to the average consumer, both in terms of the way the diamond looks, and the customer’s sense of the diamond’s value. Click the link to experience the digital interactive Clarity Halo feature live:

Clarity Halo feature live

Clarity Halo is yet another example of the different ways that diamonds can be understood and experienced during the sales process. As part of the Sarine Profile digital diamond report, diamond retailers can differentiate themselves from the competition using unique presentation methods, while the end consumer can enjoy a deeper, more compelling diamond experience to increase confidence in the purchase process.