The 1st natural diamonds traceability solution to show diamond origin and entire journey

For the First Time Ever, True Traceability is Here

The road from rough diamond to polished jewel is long and winding.

From its birth at the mine to the jewelry set in the retail store, a diamond passes through many hands, processes, and stages.

Tracing the true provenance of diamonds has always been tricky, if not near impossible. And in recent years, traceability has become one of the most urgent and challenging problems for the diamond industry, for several reasons:

  1. Consumers are demanding more trust and clarity in the products they buy and the sellers they buy from.
  2. Governments and regulatory bodies are tightening their demands on the industry for more transparency.
  3. Diamond companies are searching for ways to reduce supply chain risk and provide buyers with the reliability and trustworthiness they crave.

The development of new technologies has certainly supported improved capabilities in tracking and tracing diamonds. But it takes more than just the technology alone.

Sarine's Solutions: An Unbreakable Chain of Diamond Traceability

The biggest obstacle to tracking a diamond’s provenance is the broken chain of events that occurs to transform a rough mined diamond into several polished diamonds. The stones must pass through multiple owners, such as the mining company, manufacturer, gem lab, wholesaler, and retailer. The rough stone undergoes several transformations, usually becoming multiple rough diamonds, each polished and produced into final gems of various sizes and gradings. With each ownership of the diamond is an opportunity for the diamond journey to be unreported or wrongly recorded. Until now.

Sarine’s diamond planning, processing, and marketing technologies cover the entire journey of the diamond, from mine to the consumer. This provides a foundation for the world’s most advanced and unbreakable traceability solution. In recent years, Sarine’s breakthrough R&D has led to the development of a multi-faceted, secure, objective, and validated traceability process that is solving the traceability challenge, once and for all. It’s called Sarine Diamond Journey™ Traceability. Watch how it works:



The Six Stages of True Traceability

Sarine Diamond Journey™ Traceability covers 6+ stages of diamond provenance with computerized and AI-based validation and cross-checks verification, and all data stored in Sarine’s neutral, secure cloud. Let’s take a quick ride through the traceability stages by Sarine:

Stage 1: Rough Birth Registration

Straight from the mine, the rough stone is scanned and a 3D model is generated. The producer assigns the data to the rough stone ID and uploads it to the secure Sarine cloud-based system.

Stage 2: Rough Source Verification

Each rough stone is scanned by the manufacturer who uploads the stone ID and producer’s name into the system. Sarine’s unique verification algorithm validates the match between the producer and manufacturer data. If there is a match, the stone is officially registered to the manufacturer.

Stage 3: Manufacturing Stages Validation

At every stage of planning, sawing, and polishing, the diamond is validated to assure it is the original stone. The current status of the diamond is registered automatically each time, creating a continuous chain of verified diamond IDs.

Stage 4: Final Plan Registration

During the planning stage, the finalized polished plan is captured by the system, including multiple properties of the original rough and final polished stone. When the polishing stage is complete, the diamond is matched against the original polished plan to ensure validation.

Stage 5: Polished Validation

An extra layer of validation takes place at Sarine’s AI Lab, ensuring that the diamond’s unique properties, such as inclusions, proportions, and more, are verifiable and true.

Stage 6: Sarine Profile™ Report Experience

The final stage of validation arrives with the generation of a digital or printed Sarine report, customized according to the diamond brand. This report contains a visual and verified record of the diamond’s lifecycle, from its birth in the mine, through all stages of transformation to the polished diamond of today.


The Sarine Diamond Journey™ Traceability experience does not end here.

With the help of Sarine TruMatch, a diamond fingerprinting technology designed for retail use, customers can enjoy real-time verification of their polished diamond while in the jewelry store. TruMatch matches their diamond choice with the ID and reports on the spot, boosting buyer confidence and ensuring they receive the true diamond of their dreams.

Diamond traceability is a complex riddle that has finally been solved – thanks to Sarine’s global infrastructure for diamond scanning and data collection, layered with its advanced AI-based verification technologies. For the first time ever, jewelers and retailers can tell the diamond’s true story to their customers and create levels of confidence and success as never before.