How Complete Transparency Unlocks the Door to Brand Differentiation

When it comes to purchasing a diamond, the luxury product that will last an eternity, most customers walk into a jewelry retailer and are hit by a wave of intimidation. Jewelry retailers, as we know them, have been roughly the same for the greater half of the last century. They’re on the mysterious side and often feel cold and sterile.

The big differences from one jeweler to the next can come down to size, prices, and the brand name. Beyond that, there seems to be a complete lack of brand differentiation down the entire retail sector of the diamond industry. However, this doesn’t have to mean settling for stagnant sales due to a thinning number of clients. Sarine has the answer to turn the tides of retail mediocrity, and the answer is complete transparency.

Think Of Your Customers

As older generations pass the torch to Millennials and Generation Z, the days of excessive materialism and conspicuous overconsumption are fading out. While Boomers and Generation X could care less about where their products came from, sustainability is of the highest importance to modern shoppers.

How does this affect the diamond industry? Given the diamond sector’s reputation of being mysterious and closed off from consumers, Millennials and Gen Z aren’t seeing the progress the industry has made in the last 15 or so years. They still associate gems with blood diamonds and predominately African nations. If you ask the average Joe about the Kimberley Process, chances are he won’t know what you’re talking about. It’s also very likely that he’ll be clueless in terms of mining communities and how they’ve transformed vulnerable communities and empowered third-world economies.

When it comes down to it, the values of the modern generation align perfectly with the values of the diamond sector. Why are we still hiding behind that mysterious veil and old tradition when transparency can make the industry shine? What the retail sector needs to do is open the consumers’ eyes to our values, and here’s how.

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Sarine’s Answer To Complete Transparency

From production to retailer, we at Sarine stand for sustainability and complete transparency throughout every step of the diamond pipeline. That said, we have array of salesfloor tools that will create brand differentiation, consumer trust and revitalize the reputation of the diamond sector in the eyes of the masses.

Here’s how to turn your retailer’s salesfloor into an engaging, educational, and unforgettable experience for modern consumers.

  • Sarine eGrading™ - Complete transparency in the diamond sector will never be a reality with the current 4Cs grading process in place. It’s subjective, often approached with a flawed interpretation, and can in no way ever be deemed as undisputable. Furthermore, it causes an array of issues down the pipeline and will never leave customers with a clear sense of their diamond’s identity.

    Sarine’s eGrading is completely objective. It takes the methodology of manual grading and gives it an AI twist, which allows it to grade diamonds on a consistent and accurate level. As a sales tool, our eGrading reports are fully digital and comprehensible, which gives customers an intimate and accurate understanding of their gem, something that was never before possible.

  • Sarine Diamond Journey™ report – This data-based and fully digital report takes consumers into the heart of their diamond. From its three-billion-year creation below the earth’s surface to the retailer. This report spices up the sales floor by making a diamond’s journey completely transparent and an adventure. Customers can see what part of the world their diamond is from, they can see it in its rough form and go into the labs and overlook how it was planned, polished, and cut into the gem they see in the display case.

    Most importantly, the Diamond Journey report reveals a fully sustainable diamond. To make things even more engaging, we provide the Diamond Journey 360™ experience. It’s a fully interactive exploration tool that allows consumers to control a model of their diamond in both its rough and polished form with just a swipe of the finger. They can even delve into its inclusions and Light Performance™. Now that’s what I call complete diamond transparency.

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Closing Thoughts…

In closing, a move towards transparency won’t only reveal the overlooked values of an industry that has changed drastically in the past years and is continuing to make that positive change, but it will work towards healing the diamond sector as a whole.

Furthermore, you will also differentiate your brand from the rest by providing customers with a guarantee of sustainable diamonds through an unforgettable sales experience. They’ll never have to look at the gem on their finger and question if it was ethically sourced or not. By aligning with their value system, you’ll put your brand on the map as one that customers can believe in and trust. That is the power of transparency in the retail sector. 


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