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How Retailers Can Deliver Diamond Security & Build Consumer Confidence

From rough diamond in the mine, to sparkling engagement ring in the jewelry store, every diamond undergoes a complex process of development. It travels many thousands of miles, touches many hands, passes through multiple planning and manufacturing devices, changing in structure and form at every step of the way.


The confusion and lack of transparency throughout this journey has traditionally hampered consumer confidence in the diamond’s source and provenance. For the average diamond consumer, the true and verifiable history of a specific diamond is unclear, and they have had to rely on little more than a piece of paper and the word of the diamond seller for reassurance. Not anymore…


Think of the concept of the biometric passport.

The biometric passport uses advanced technology that securely records every person’s unique fingerprint and iris pattern, and links it to the passport in their name. There can be no debate - the complex physical evidence guarantees the true match of the individual to their passport number.


Sarine’s TruMatch™ diamond recognition system works on a similar concept - capturing the diamond’s one-of-a-kind “fingerprint” and linking it securely to Sarine’s diamond ID data stored in the cloud. This doesn’t just occur in a lab - the technology is available to customers in the retail store, in an engaging, interactive experience that builds their confidence in the diamond’s traceability right on the sales floor.


Matching the diamond to its true story.

The new TruMatch™ in-store system provides a secure verification for diamonds, whether loose or already set in a jewelry piece. The system identifies a unique digital ID, then verifies that the diamond’s “fingerprint”  matches the ID data stored in a digital vault. Once positively verified, the TruMatch™ system provides the user with the QR code that contains the full, verified story of the diamond – its features, provenance and gradings.



TruMatch™ benefits retailers and consumers on three fronts:


Provides an unparallel level of security

The advanced diamond verification technology irrefutably connects the phyiscal diamond to the diamond data registered and stored in the cloud. The buyer is assured of the true third-party traceability of the diamond, instantly while in store.


Ease of identification

For the consumer, verification is smooth, simple and fast. There is no need to rely on paper-based reports.


Engaging experience

According to Salesforce statistics, 87% of shoppers begin their purchase journey on digital. Interactive instore technology helps to engage consumers more deeply and drives sales. The new diamond viewer provides an exciting, tactile and tech-rich experience for consumers who are accustomed to it. 


Millennials want more diamond security.

For members of the millennial and Gen Z generations, now the largest consumer segment driving demand for diamonds all over the world, “word-of-mouth” style of diamond traceability is not enough. Modern consumers are far more demanding than their parents and grandparents about the detailed history of their diamond. They want to know that the diamond is ethically sourced and authentically mined. They want to understand its unique journey, how it was planned from the original rough and how it came to be the polished diamond it is today. They want to know that its grading parameters are precise and correct. More than anything, they want to know that the diamond information they are given is true and accurate for the very diamond they are holding in their hand.


The TruMatch™ does all this, enriching the in-store purchase experience by building trust and confidence in the diamond.


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