Instore Webinar Recap: ‘How Sarine AI-based Grading Will Change the Way You Sell Diamonds’

Today, we’re taking a look back at Sarine and Instore's webinar titled ‘How Sarine AI-based Grading Will Change the Way You Sell Diamonds’. Sarine General Manager and North American Vice President Matthew Tratner talks to Cheryl Kremkow, founder of the jewelry branding company Cirtrine Media and gives the scoop on how eGrading™ is revolutionizing the retail segment.

Why eGrading?


The webinar kicks off with a brief explanation of why eGrading is superior to the manual grading process that has been traditionally used in our industry for generations. The clear-cut answer is AI technology. It lacks all the limitations that come with manual labor. No sick days, no bad moods to cloud its efficiency levels and no need for sleep. It can run 24/7 and with its machine learning capabilities, in time it will only get better, sharper and smarter at its job. Automated grading is a process that is repeatable and scalable.




What It Does For The Retailer


"Firstly, time and money are saved. No longer does the manufacturer need to send polished diamonds off to a grading lab, the gems go right from the manufacturer to the retailers. Any lengthy processes have been eliminated." Stated Matthew Tratner. 


Not only will the grading be more accurate, but also almost completely secure. While the diamond is being placed in a machine at the midstream, the machine operator actually has zero influence within the Sarine cloud. 


Matthew went on to state, "One can also count on an instantaneous transfer of data. The minute a diamond is graded at the manufacturer, the data is available digitally. This verifiable data, along with the planning and polishing data is leveraged to create a digital diamond report unlike anything else in our industry."


A Revolutionary Sales Tool


It shouldn't be news to anyone that today's modern consumers differ greatly from those of past. Price and product used to be the end-all and be-all, and while obviously still important factors, they are now taking a back seat to transparency, sustainability and a clear understanding of the product. The groundbreaking Sarine diamond report delivers all of that in a fully digitalized and easily comprehensible package.


Matthew elaborated, "Sarine solutions are widely used amid the producing and manufacturing segments, so our data is constantly tracing diamonds from the mine to the retailer every step through the pipeline. That data is used to give consumers the answers they desire via the our diamond reports. Whether it be the country of origin or the reason why their gem was cut in a certain shape, the answers are all there. By the time they scroll through the report they will have a complete understanding of their diamond, past and present."


Our interactive diamond report is also equipped with their diamonds 4Cs grading, its light performance and multiple 3D images of the diamond in a variety of states, from rough to polished. However, that unforgettable buying experience has one giant catch in your favor.



Customizable To Your Brand


The strong message of customization delivers a major level of value to retailers in a packed market. 


Matthew made this clear when her said, "Sarine is going the extra mile to make sure that this solution is about you and not about getting our name out there. " Sarine diamond reports are white label solutions, so when a consumer walks out of your store, it is your brand’s name attached to that diamond and that report. 


There are a number of programs  and experiences retailers can choose from. Your diamond reports to be equipped with Light Performance™Diamond Journey Traceability™ (including the origin country) and 4Cs eGrading™, or you can eliminate one option and just have eGrading and Light Performance, or even just Diamond Journey alone. It's really the retailer's call to the very last detail.


Get Started Today!


You might be wondering how we go about customizing your report. We just follow these very simple steps.


  • Stage 1 - You’ll provide us with content and design elements such as your logo, font, text, company profile and much more.
  • Stage 2 - You’ll receive the first draft and be provided any feedback from your account manage, which can include corrections or changes to the report.
  • Stage 3 - We will provide a second draft for final approval.
  • Stage 4 – Receive written approval for final draft and then beginning a testing process with Sarine’s Program Management.

Once the beginning process is done, you will have a report that’s powered by Sarine’s technologies, but completely aligned with your company’s attitude and ethics.


Origin is a very important question amongst your consumers. You might be wondering if you could provide this information or if your suppliers have diamonds available with Sarine's verifiable data. Sarine in here only to make a positive impact. 


Firstly, tell us who you are sourcing your diamonds from. 100 million diamonds are scanned and planned by Sarine advanced systems. We’ll sit with your suppliers and will assist them in becoming part of our "Journey Ready" program and provide you with "Journey Ready" stones. We have no intention of ending your long-term partnerships, we will simply work with them and come up with a proper solution for you.


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