Diamond Planning Just Got More Advanced: Introducing Advisor® 8.0

In 1995, Sarine Advisor® revolutionized diamond planning, as the world’s first automated, computerized planning software. Over the past 25 plus years, we have continually improved on this product, with tech breakthroughs and features implemented in updated editions to support enhanced diamond planning.

On the special date of 2/22/2022, we are doing it again with the exciting release of the latest and most advanced version of Advisor® yet: Advisor® 8.0.
Welcome to a new and improved world of features and capabilities that are again taking rough planning to a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

Sarine celebrates the launch of Advisor 8.0

Smaller Stones, Here We Come

With the new release of Advisor® 8.0 software, Sarine continues to lead the industry with the most sophisticated approach to diamond planning on the market.
Having witnessed over the past six years an increasing trend of applying ever more technology to smaller-sized rough diamonds, we have risen to the challenge and decided to focus on an increased value proposition for a vast segment of very small stones.

Now we are introducing a solution specifically tailored to benefit this very significant segment of the value chain, wherein an estimated 900 million stones are polished annually. Advisor® 8.0 thus implements features specifically designed to benefit polishers of rough diamonds in this sub-market.

Advisor® 8.0: Unlock the New Features

Sarine's engineers have continued to innovate and have found ways to generate more value for all our midstream customers. Our newest version incorporates more than 20 new features along with the refinement of existing processes, all focused on three core drives

  • Generating more value by extracting more polished yield from a given rough stone,  thereby increased productivity
  • Shorter run cycles and augmented automation
  •  Reducing the need for human interaction and thus precluding possible human errors, allowing offline (off-hours / off shift) operation. Including overnight autonomous operation and even automatic recovery from system failures (e.g., interruption of the power supply).

The increased automation capabilities of Advisor® 8.0 make it an extremely cost-effective solution for smaller diamonds. For diamonds of every size, Advisor® 8.0 supports faster mapping and processing, accelerating overall productivity so you can cut operational costs and maximize profitability.
Let’s unlock the new features and learn about the benefits that Advisor® 8.0 brings to your diamond pipeline.

Smarter Auto Planner

Advisor® 8.0 was developed for a smooth and uninterrupted planning process. Glitches in regards to faulty internet connectivity, power failures, or unwanted crashes during auto plan are all handled by the software, as it can automatically restart planning from where it was interrupted. It also detects if a user adds more diamonds when the auto planner is running, and thus will process them all together.
In addition, GLX files can now be used directly in auto planner, reducing the need for an extra station for converting GLX files to ADV.

Standard Hearts & Arrows Optimization

H&A reflects the light performance of the stone, so having a perfect H&A pattern ensures a beautiful and brilliant stone. Our new Advisor® 8.0 includes a planning optimization based on proportions that will yield an H&A pattern on your polished stone. This free add-on expands its capabilities to meet consumer demands for precision-cut certified H&A pattern diamonds.

Diamond arrowsDiamond hearts

Planning According to Light Performance

The single most important factor in determining a diamond’s visual beauty is light performance. Advisor® 8.0 incorporates Sarine Light performance parameters, enabling the planning of polished diamonds according to specified light performance gradings. This free add-on ensures planning and polishing to the highest standards of light performance.


Groove Rough Skin

This powerful new feature automatically places groove compensations to avoid naturals and control them on the final polished stone. Being based on a best-of-breed algorithm that accurately detects grooves in the stone, this feature ultimately accelerates production, saves time, and boosts precision.


Asymmetrical Control of Round Shape Plans

What you plan is what you get: In accordance with industry standards, Advisor® 8.0 enhances asymmetrical planning and control of round-shaped diamonds. Impressively, it enables one to achieve highly accurate asymmetrical round shapes with control of over 25 different parameters.   

Start Sawing Direction

A new advanced algorithm automatically detects the sawing direction of saw planes and marks the best direction to minimize weight loss. This feature allows the user to mark the location so that information can easily be transferred to the laser department, which helps in supporting a seamless pipeline flow from planning to sawing.


Interactive Mode: Lock Multiple Polishes

As you probably know, the interactive mode was first introduced by Sarine a long time ago and is widely used. The innovation that Advisor® 8.0 offers is the ability to “lock” multiple polishes so that clarity stays the same during the planning process. This allows you to protect the final planning solutions while optimizing the other polishes in the same rough. As a result, diamond planning is much more user-friendly and more productive in general.


Multiple Selections on Inclusions

During the planning process, planners frequently change the state of numerous inclusions. With Advisor® 8.0, multiple inclusions can be selected, either manually or according to their criteria, change state, clarity, or inclusion safety. Changing the state of a single inclusion is also super easy with Advisor® 8.0. Simply double-click on it to change it. These features are designed to simplify desired actions on inclusions, streamlining the planning process and saving valuable time.


QC With Full Screen

By popular demand, Advisor® 8.0 includes the much-awaited QC feature, enabling users to work in full-screen mode so they can stay focused while plotting inclusions. Carry out multiple QC actions using keyboard shortcuts while remaining in full-screen mode.


War Against Piracy

Software piracy is essentially the act of stealing and duplicating, not innovating! Sarine is an innovator committed to continually adding value to the market, so staying with Sarine is the only way to enjoy upgrades and updates all the time.

As we continue to be plagued by attempts to illicitly utilize our IP, to further protect our and our customers' investment, and broaden the gap between the value reaped by our customers to that realized by users of the pirated older Advisor® versions in the market, we have applied very sophisticated cutting-edge anti-hacking protection algorithms developed in house, which, as these are not a common target for international hacking syndicates, will, we believe, proscribe most illegal attempts to penetrate our defenses.


David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies commented, “We are delighted to introduce the newest and most advanced ever version of Advisor®. It will improve yield, accelerate productivity and enhance the overall value of our industry-leading core midstream offerings, as well as bolster our determined stance against piracy.”


Want to learn more about Advisor® 8.0 and upgrade your current planning software to the most sophisticated option on the market? Contact your Sarine rep today.