LGD in 2024: A Retailer's Guide

The landscape of the diamond industry is evolving rapidly, with lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) having rapidly gained prominence. In 2024, retailers in this space face both challenges and opportunities. In this blog, we explore key strategies that can empower retailers to thrive in the dynamic market of lab-grown diamonds.


Building Consumer Confidence in LGDs in the Retail Store: Strategies for Branding and Differentiation

As the popularity of lab-grown diamonds continues to rise, jewelers and brands are looking for strategies to differentiate their offerings in an increasingly competitive market. By 2030, LGDs are expected to make up around 10% of global diamond sales, with a market volume of around 19 million carats. The key to increasing your LGD sales is building confidence in LGDs, addressing common concerns and misconceptions, and telling a great story about the benefits and value of LGDs.

Let's look at some approaches to fostering trust in LGDs, the new 'real' of the diamond market:


Educate your customers

Bridging the information gap can lead to informed choices and a deeper appreciation for LGDs. There is a need for widespread education on what lab-grown diamonds are and how they are created. Use marketing tools like social media and video to clarify the scientific processes involved, dispel myths, and emphasize the identical nature of LGDs compared to natural diamonds. In doing so, remember to emphasize the aspect of pricing – as customers gain a comprehensive understanding of the physical attributes of lab-grown diamonds, their cost efficiency emerges as one of the most compelling selling points.


Certifications matter

Just as with natural diamonds, consumers seek diamond reports for their LGDs. A reliable diamond certification assures customers of the quality of the lab-grown diamond, provides a trusted identification of its growth method, and explains the diamond's 4C grades, light performance, and other information that is vital to the customer. A solid diamond report also serves as a testament to the jeweler's commitment to transparency and ethical practices, which will raise the perceived value of the LGD among conscientious consumers.

The LGD Diamond Certificate issued by GCAL by Sarine, a leading authority in the diamond industry, serves as an excellent example of a trusted certification that will help enhance consumer confidence. This report is the result of the unique combination of top-tier gemology and cutting-edge technology, backed by a 100% consumer guarantee, offering unparalleled precision and accuracy.

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Captivating narrative

Jewelers should also focus on creating a unique narrative around LGDs that distinguishes them from their natural counterparts. Retailers ought to celebrate the innovative process of diamond creation in a controlled environment, positioning lab-grown diamonds as not just an alternative but as a cutting-edge choice for those who appreciate the wonder and potential of technology and innovation.

Empower Your LGD Business with Guaranteed Diamond Grading Certificates

We believe consumers should feel confident about their diamond purchase; that's why our mission is to provide the most accurate and consistent grading services with uncompromising integrity and unparalleled customer care. The New York-established Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) and Sarine Technologies formed a groundbreaking partnership in 2023, known as GCAL by Sarine. This collaboration merges GCAL's renowned standards, supported by its industry-unique 4C's consumer guarantee, with Sarine's revolutionary AI-based Grading Technology. Together, we aim to revolutionize the diamond industry with unmatched accuracy, consistency, and transparency in grading and authentication. This partnership instills greater confidence in diamond purchases, promising transformative advancements in the way diamonds are graded. We guarantee customers the most comprehensive diamond grading services globally, covering all aspects of a diamond's quality. GCAL by Sarine's lab-grown diamond certificates entail advanced features and innovative technologies to help LGD retailers achieve key objectives crucial for success in 2024 and beyond.


Establishing an innovative approach 

With a GCAL by Sarine LGD certificate, what will set you apart is the combination of innovation, unparalleled accuracy, extensive diamond data, a robust consumer guarantee, and exceptional diamond experiences that tell the sustainable story of your diamond.

Distinguishing ourselves further, GCAL offers a cut grade for all diamond shapes, a distinctive feature in the industry. While many labs assess the cut grade of fancy shapes based solely on polish and external symmetry, GCAL goes beyond. Our innovative approach includes a comprehensive evaluation incorporating proportion, optical brilliance, and optical symmetry for fancy shape cut grades.

To address diverse retailer needs, our product range spans from the essential 4Cs certificate to the GCAL Signature certificate featuring light performance images, all the way to the 8X premium cut grade certificate. Additionally, our Diamond Journey and jewelry grading services provide a comprehensive solution for retailers at every level. This variety empowers retailers to differentiate their offerings effectively across all segments of their product line.


Enhancing consumer confidence

At GCAL by Sarine, we recognize the paramount importance of consumer confidence for retailers. To reinforce this dedication, we proudly offer a comprehensive consumer guarantee. In the unlikely instance of a grading mistake, we assume responsibility to protect your customers. Our commitment is straightforward – we will promptly reexamine the diamond, and if there is an error in any of the 4Cs we will compensate the consumer for the retail difference.

In terms of consistency, accuracy, and grading quality, retailers can confidently source lab-grown diamonds with a GCAL by Sarine guaranteed certificate, even sight unseen. Our new grading lab in Surat, India, combines the proficiency of expert gemologists with cutting-edge AI-based grading technology. This independent grading ensures that retailers receive exactly what they ordered, allowing them to fulfill promises to their customers without hesitation. With GCAL by Sarine, you can trust that your lab-grown diamonds are independently and meticulously assessed, alleviating any concerns about the manufacturer influencing the grading.

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The Future of LGD

The quality of lab-grown diamonds continues to improve, with increased average sizes and prices lower than their natural counterpart. In this highly dynamic market, GCAL by Sarine's new lab in Surat, maintains the same level of expertise and precision without compromising on accuracy and consistency, offering cost-effective pricing and a quick turn-around. This advancement in the LGD supply chain not only expands sourcing alternatives for retailers but also streamlines processes, fundamentally reshaping the industry landscape to better support LGD retailers.


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