Sarine VP R&D Zeev Copel

Meet Zeev Copel, Sarine’s New VP of R&D

Growing up in the '80s, I was at the heart of some of the biggest technological revolutions.  I received my first computer when I was 4 years old - Atari. One of the things I fondly remember the most is my father and I exchanging games with others and upgrading our computer together. To look at what the present offers and what the future holds has always captivated me. The promise that technology will allow us to achieve our dreams-based innovation was already there and then. Every dream shared in the computer magazines of the 1980s, HW and SW, became true in a few years. It seemed like all you needed to do was dream it and challenge the existing technology by innovating the future technology.

The very first book I read about "Artificial Intelligence" when I was 16 years old (1993) made me increasingly curious about how my dreams and technology can intersect.
Ten years later (2003), during my Software Engineering studies, I took a course on Neural Networks (now called Deep-Learning) that fascinated me and encouraged me to imagine the infinite potential of training computers to think and find a fast solution to problems with a high number of inputs. About 10 years passed, and GPU processing, which was invented for other purposes, made Neural Networks the most popular technology in the near future.

My career path enabled me to be part of three main System- based domains – Semi-Conductors (Marvell), the Defense Industry (Rafael), and Medical (Philips). I am particularly passionate about the developments of multidisciplinary products and their value to many people worldwide.
Throughout my career as a manager, I have centered my management style on team strengths and collaborations within my team and with external groups. I believe those drive the innovation spirit. I take pride in always trying to be the best in everything I do and leading my team by example. My team and I embrace technological challenges and always see them as catalysts for our growth.

I believe the reason Sarine is at the forefront of the diamond industry stands from us being explorers, inventors, and mold-breakers. Who look beyond what's possible today to see what could be tomorrow. Therefore, we don't hesitate to disrupt the industry when we know it will lead to something spectacular and valuable for all. For over 30 years, Sarine innovated every facet of the diamond industry, and I'm proud to follow this remarkable path.

Sarine R&D VP     
Sarine VP R&D,  Zeev Copel

Customers are looking for immediate change, whereas traditional behaviors, the slow ones, are being asked to change, reduce cost, be more efficient, and be based on technology. Customers are asking for new developments to consider the environment and nature. They look for sustainability that can be demonstrated in a trusted way. The most trusted resource we have today is technology. It is here, now, in our hands, to be used to accelerate how business is being done, from the producer to the customer. Companies that were not able, till today, to show explicitly how the product has evolved and by what standards, are not able to grow. In contrast, those that have adopted technology into their pipeline of producing and selling, are seeing the return on investment today.

Can you imagine standing on top of a mountain, facing nothing but vast expanses of mountains and valleys in front of you? Clearly, while you are on top of this mountain, you feel exhilarated to have even gotten up to this point. But you won't stop there, right? One needs to look beyond what one has to what is possible, as if at an open field with no walls. At Sarine, we appreciate what we have achieved to date and cherish the value our technology and AI-based solutions bring today to the diamond industry—replacing human errors, accelerating traditional processes, enabling customers to obtain products more quickly, with higher quality, and increased confidence and trust. With that being said, and while AI is starting to be considered one of the successive revolutions in many markets and fields, we at Sarine R&D are laser-focused on the next innovation.

Sarine Technology R&D is bringing all the advantages of today's technology to the diamonds markets through advanced products. AI-based technologies increase efficiency at our customers' factories, enabling them to deliver faster to the end consumer, with greater accuracy, consistency, and transparency, and with reliable evidence of the diamond's story for the story from the moment it was mined.
The end consumer can now be certain the diamond was ethically sourced and produced to ensure its purchase contributes to a more sustainable world. Furthermore, the customer can learn from the retailer about the positive impact the diamond has had along its journey, how this diamond was polished, by whom, and to which standards, enriching the shopping experience and enhancing consumer confidence.
The discussion on sustainable diamonds is now based on data, unlike in the past when it was only storytelling. The science-based transparency accelerates sales and increases the end customer's trust and loyalty to return and buy again from the same diamond store. In a nutshell, Sarine's technology enables retailers to build their brands for the long term based on the technology we invent today.

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As I am envisioning the future, in my humble opinion, we are going to see the neural networks doubling the number of networks in half of the execution time today, as the HW for processing is improving fast and promising more giant steps.  

Most may remember the slogan from the '90s, "Invent the future," which suggests how technology will improve our lives. Those born later are probably familiar with Steve Jobs' slogan from the early 2000s, "Let's go invent tomorrow," which refers to the change we can bring about within a few years that will affect us all. We are starting the year 2022 when technology shows its strength to help businesses withstand even an overnight global pandemic and enable them to continue and grow. It is evident that technology is advancing rapidly, dramatically, and so is the world around us.

So we can undoubtedly say now that "We need to invent today."