Melee Diamonds: Why These Tiny Diamonds Matter So Much

When it comes to crafting the perfect diamond ring, every detail reveals a tale of elegance. Among these intricate details, none quite captures the essence as melee diamonds do.

If you are shopping for a diamond ring, you may have heard about melee. You have probably already seen several ring designs that incorporate melee diamonds in different ways. Melee are so popular because they add extra brilliance and uniqueness to diamond settings, without breaking the bank. But there’s more to it than that.

Let’s explore the world of melee diamonds, why they are so beloved, the various cuts and settings available, and how true traceability of the origins of melee diamonds has finally become a reality.


What Are Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds, also known as accent diamonds, are small polished diamonds often used as embellishments in jewelry. These diamonds are typically smaller than 0.20 carats, with many being just a fraction of a carat. Due to their miniature size, melee diamonds are quite affordable and a popular choice among jewelry buyers.

While melee diamonds can be used in all kinds of jewelry pieces, such as bracelets and earrings, they truly shine when used as side stones or pavé accents in diamond rings. Melee diamonds are often selected to complement the beauty of a larger, central diamond in a ring setting. Their role is to accentuate the main stone, adding a layer of sparkle and radiance.

Melee diamonds are also useful for the repair of diamond jewelry or to replace lost gemstones. They are popular among jewelers doing custom work, as their small size makes them both flexible and affordable to incorporate in more complex designs.

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Melee Diamond Cuts: Single Cut VS. Full Cut

Due to their very small size, melee diamonds are not available in fancy shapes like larger diamonds are. Melee diamonds come as round cuts, and there are two types: single cut and full cut. Let’s explore each in a bit more depth.

Single-cut melee diamonds

Single-cut melee diamonds are a simple cut of just 16 facets. They first appeared on the market over 100 years ago. In those times, before the invention of diamond-cutting technology, a more complex cut was not possible on such tiny diamonds. Single-cut melee are now rare; they make up just a small percentage of melee that is available today. They are more common in vintage and antique settings.

Full-cut melee diamonds

Full-cut melee diamonds, on the other hand, are faceted with 57 or 58 facets, including a culet, table, and crown, which maximize their ability to reflect and refract light. Modern technology for diamond planning and polishing enables even these tiny diamonds to be cut in the same way as round brilliant diamonds, lending them an intense and radiant sparkle, despite their size.


Unveiling the Journey: Traceability Assurance for Ethical Melee Diamonds

More than ever before, consumers today want to know the provenance of their diamonds: where it was mined, how it was produced, and whether ethical, sustainable practices were in place along the way. While diamond traceability is possible, achieving traceability for the high volume of tiny melee diamonds that pass through the industry every day has been a challenging feat.

As the leader in diamond traceability and automated AI grading, Sarine has recently elevated the standards with the world's first scientific traceability solution for melee diamonds, verifiably tracing them from their origins as rough stones throughout the polishing process to the final beautiful diamond jewelry. In collaboration with French luxury jeweler Rubel & Ménasché, Sarine has extended its already proven traceability capabilities from larger diamonds to smaller melee stones, providing consumers with confidence that their diamond, whether grand or petite, was ethically sourced and produced. 


How Melee Diamonds Enhance a Diamond Ring

Incorporating melee diamonds in a ring setting has several benefits at a relatively lower cost compared to larger diamonds. Let’s take a look at how melee diamonds can enhance a diamond ring’s beauty and appeal:

  • More sparkle: When set closely together, melee diamonds create a brilliant sparkling effect that captivates the eye. This added sparkle not only complements the central diamond but also elevates the entire ring's visual appeal.
  • Enhanced size perception: Melee diamonds, especially when used in a halo setting, can create the illusion of a larger central stone. This optical trick makes the ring appear more substantial and impressive without the high cost of a larger stone.
  • Unique design possibilities: The versatility of melee diamonds allows for creative and unique ring designs. Whether you prefer a vintage, modern, or classic style, there are countless options for incorporating melee diamonds into your dream ring.
  • Added value: While melee diamonds are not expensive individually, the craftsmanship and quality of melee in your ring can make the piece more visually attractive and sparkling, increasing its perceived worth. In addition, melee diamonds increase the overall carat weight of the ring, making it more valuable overall.
  • Personalization: Melee diamonds offer the opportunity to personalize your ring with custom-crafted designs or elements, making it uniquely yours. Choose different settings and arrangements to match your individual style and preferences.

Melee for Me and for Thee…

Melee diamonds add an extra layer of charm and brilliance to diamond rings, enhancing these cherished symbols of love and commitment. Whether you're crafting an engagement ring, wedding band, or any other special piece of jewelry, consider the beauty, elegance, and affordability that melee diamonds can bring to your design, together with the assurance of melee traceability by Sarine.

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