Sarine Sales Experts Answer Retailer' Biggest Objections

While numerous jewelers worldwide are adopting the Sarine diamond report into their sales floor experience, some of them are skeptical and meet the report with hesitation and a variety of questions.


Sarine's top sales experts Matthew Tratner, Sarine North America General Manager & Vice President, Michael Goren Sarine Europe & N. America Regional Business Director and Noy Elram, Sarine APAC Managing Director have recently tackled the issue of objections and the best way to flip them into adoption of our reports. If anyone had doubts before, they’re about to be shattered after reading this.


“My Customers Don’t Know Sarine”


One of the most common responses from weary retailers is ‘My customers don’t know about Sarine.” For over 30 years, Sarine has been an active force within the diamond pipeline. Over a hundred million diamonds go through our systems each year and we’ve made significant changes to the pipeline. 


That said, our company name shouldn’t be at the forefront of any retailer's reasoning when it comes to adopting the Sarine report. Matthew Tratner stated, “In the end, it doesn’t really matter if they know who we are, it matters that they know and trust who you are and that you’re introducing them to a company that produces this cutting-edge technology that you’re bringing to bear for their benefit. So, it’s really about “do they know you”, not necessarily “do they know us.”




“We’re Working with a Grading Lab”


For retailers out there working with another grading lab, there is no pressure. One thing we don’t want to do is upset your long-standing relationships, however, one should always be open to comparison. Give us a couple of already graded stones and let us grade them with our AI-based solutions. Those diamonds will be graded with new levels of consistency and repeatability. Furthermore, eGrading supports a shorter supply chain and reduced costs with its speedy turnaround time. 




“Integrating Sarine’s Reports is Too Complicated for Us”


While inducing cutting-edge technology into a very traditional setting like a jeweler can seem intimidating for many, setting up your sales floor with our diamond reports is actually quite simple. 


Michael Goren commented on the matter saying, “We’ll work with you, with your team, we’ll train everyone and make it a very, very easy integration so on one hand, you can remain at the core of what you do best, supplying great customers service and having an amazing staff that knows how to cater to the needs of the consumer and at the same time, you have the technological solutions from us to augment the experience and also to provide additional engagement and additional information to consumers while they are at the store and when they are away.”




“My Business is Doing Great, Digital Reports Aren’t Crucial for Us”


More established jewelers might feel that their business is doing great and that upgrading their reports and going digital is completely unnecessary. However, research shows that consumers as a whole are moving in a more digital direction. So while adapting to a digital report may seem like a huge step now, it won’t tomorrow.


Noy Elram stated, “Not too many retailers are changing, but those who are, those who are different, they stand out amongst the rest. They have the luxury of escaping the price war. They have a recognizable brand, and those that are different attract more consumers, because they want to discover why this brand is so different. So, if you want to be different, now is the time to make that decision. The process, it will take its time, but at the end, you will look back and say, ‘I made the right choice’”.





“I Don’t See How This Can Help Me”


Many retailers are looking at Sarine diamond reports from long established comfort zones. The changes spilling in through the retail sector’s revolving door is completely going over their heads. They’ll look at this innovative solution through blurred vision and not see how it can help them, but it can help!


Matthew commented, “The reports provide an unparalleled level of transparency and assurance to your consumer, making them more comfortable buying from you. The reports also augment the in-store experience. They allow the consumer to interact with the diamond in a very fun and engaging manner and remove any anxiety associated with buying a diamond.



“I Don’t See The Value in Switching From a Gemologists Lab”


Many retailers struggle to see the value in switching from the gemologists labs they’ve long been working with. However, Matthew's convincing claim is sure to change some minds. He stated, “These aren’t really our reports, they’re your reports, because it’s your brand that’s going to go on the report moving forward. When a customer comes into a store now and buys a diamond from you, whichever lab that has done the analyst on that gem, when they leave and show their friends what they bought, it's going to be that lab’s logo that’s going to be on that report, it’s that labs logo that’s going to be shown over and over again. So the value that we bring immediately to this, is the value in giving that band equity back to you.” 




Closing Thoughts…


With all of these questions and concerns answered, it's time to take your brand a step forward, gain a digitalized edge on your competition and deliver your customers a next-level diamond buying experience. 


Learn more about the Sarine diamond report HERE!