SPECTRUM - Diamond Industry News #28

Love is in the air in this edition of SPECTRUM, Sarine’s monthly roundup of diamond industry news and trends. This week, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a great piece about how to choose the perfect engagement ring from Good Morning America, and a showcase of 15 gorgeous Valentine’s jewelry gifts, compiled by Business Insider. We’re not totally starry eyed with love, because we’ve also got some interesting news and perspectives about the hot issues in the diamond industry today, like AI and lab grown diamonds (of course). And, do you know what diamond slices are? Read on to find out!


Artificial Intelligence Forcing Industries Everywhere To Re-Adapt

By Albert Robinson @IDEXOnline

There’s a lot of talk these days about artificial intelligence, and here at Sarine, we are sometimes the ones doing the talking! In this piece, however, Albert Robinson of IDEX Online muses over the question of just what kind of impact AI will have in our world, and the diamond industry as well. Will AI replace humans? Will AI-based grading take the place of manual diamond grading? According to Robinson, many manual jobs have been replaced by technology throughout history. But will we ever be able to rely on AI alone to grade diamonds? Only time will tell.


The Jewelry Designers Who Want You To Wear Your Diamonds In Slices

By Kate Matthams @Forbes

Recent years have seen some interesting diamond jewelry trends. Rough diamonds, raw, organic shapes, salt and pepper diamonds, and now - diamond slices? Some jewelry designers have taken to using ‘slices’ of diamond and gemstones in their jewelry pieces. These slices are cross sections of the jewel that give a fascinating new perspective, displaying the inclusions and variegations inside the stone. Check out this article in Forbes showcasing three jewelry designers who are slicing their diamonds in the name of art and fashion.

‘Lab-Grown’ Diamond Turns Out to Be Natural

By Rapaport News @Rapaport

So we’ve all heard the stories of diamonds that are supposedly natural, only to find out that they are in fact lab grown after careful detection screening in a diamond lab. Well, Rapaport reports on an interesting case where the exact opposite happened. Recently, the GIA lab in Carlsbad received a 2.23 carat round brilliant diamond for a synthetic diamond report. After careful examination, it became clear that it was in fact a natural diamond, not synthetic. As the lab stated, “In this case, the correction worked to the client’s advantage.” Indeed.


How to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring

By Brittany Berkowitz and Katrina Stapleton @GMA

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, we are sharing this fantastic guide to choosing an engagement ring, published by the Good Morning America site. This article includes some helpful visualizations of the 4Cs and different ring styles to help lay customers make their big decision. There’s also a fun video which gives the lowdown on choosing the perfect engagement ring in just three-and-a-half minutes. Of course, picking out the perfect diamond ring is not quite that simple, but in the spirit of Valentine’s, we’re enjoying the bling-y roundup.


15 Valentine's Day jewelry gifts she'll swoon over — no matter your budget

By Remi Rosmarin @Business Insider

Valentine’s Day is a big one for the jewelry industry. A full 25% of Valentine’s Day gifts are spent on jewelry and diamonds.  Business Insider has joined the love celebrations with an article covering 15 amazing jewelry gifts for this year’s Valentine’s. There are some beautiful options here, covering a range of budgets. From the aptly named “Connection bracelet” by AUrate in 14K gold at $300, to the Perfect Diamond Tennis Bracelet from The Last Line at $3750, there are some gorgeous designs featured in this article. Even if you’re not planning on splurging this Valentine’s Day, it’s worth taking a quick peek at this year’s romantic trends.