Sarine’s 30th: What a Brilliant Year It’s Been!

In 1988, a group of diamantaires and IT specialists joined forces to realize a new vision in
diamond and gemstone manufacturing. This was the moment Sarine was born, one of the first
startups in what was to become the “Startup Nation” of Israel. In the 30 years since, Sarine has
transformed from startup to global leader in the development of technologies and solutions for
the diamond industry. Time and again, Sarine’s technologies have revolutionized the way
diamonds are planned, produced and sold.

In this year, our 30th birthday, Sarine once again stands at the cusp of a new era in diamond
technology. Thanks to Sarine, artificial intelligence is for the first time being used for diamond
grading, exclusively in Sarine Technology Labs. And Sarine’s digital retail tools are now being
employed in jewelry stores worldwide, helping to strengthen the customers’ connection with the
diamond and boosting diamond sales, with tools such as Light Performance grading and the
Diamond Journey™ rough-to-polished report.

It’s been a busy and exciting year, as we’ve helped steer the conversation in the diamond
industry towards the adoption of AI-based grading technologies and traceability solutions that
can be trusted. What will the next 30 years have in store for Sarine and for the diamond
industry? Stay tuned!

And now, as we wrap up our thirty-year celebrations, it’s time to take a walk back through 2019
and see what Sarine has been up to at 30 years of age!



The opening of Sarine’s AI technology lab in Israel was the centerpiece of an opinion column in
IDEX Online, focusing on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence Forcing Industries Everywhere To
Re-Adapt”. The role of technology in the diamond industry has been one of the hottest topics
this past year. Check out the IDEX column here.



Sarine Diamond Journey™ reports were adopted by Schachter & Namdar, a leading diamond
supplier in Africa, for their Namibian Brilliant Rose and Proudly South African brands.



This month saw the launch of the Diamond Journey™ campaign, which opened up a new
conversation around natural mined diamonds. We challenged conventional diamond story
themes like “perfection” and “romance”, choosing instead to celebrate “human diversity,
authenticity and imperfection”. The campaign focused on the core idea of “Just like a person,
every diamond has a unique story waiting to be told”- and the message clearly resonated with
the audience! Our Diamond Journey video has so far generated over 500,000+ views on
YouTube alone! Check it out:



Another leading diamond brand adopts the Sarine Diamond Journey™ report. New Art CIMA
Ltd., Japan's leading bridal jewelry retail chain, chooses Sarine to enhance their customer



As part of our retail solutions, Sarine releases the 3D-Origin ™, a replica model of the
diamond’s original rough stone, available as an add-on to the Sarine Diamond Journey™
provenance report. It’s all about enhancing the in-store and post-store customer experience.



Sarine launches the Official Diamond Journey™ Partners’ Program. Diamond manufacturers
can choose to partner with Sarine to integrate the Diamond Journey™ to their production
processes, ensuring their diamonds are ‘Journey Ready’ for retailers.

Sarine partners with Israeli start-up Verto to offer a revolutionary 3D jewelry imaging solution for
retailers. It enables retailers to provide stunning video imagery and customization and
personalization of jewelry for their customers, in a user-friendly app.



Sarine CEO David Block takes the industry conversation up a notch with the publication of his
opinion piece on the Sarine blog, “Blockchain = Traceability?”. Read it here.



Our new TruMatch™ diamond fingerprinting technology hit the market, helping to enhance
security and the consumer experience. Read more in this blog post.



Sarine signed a strategic framework with China’s National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC).
Together with the NGTC, Sarine will work to implement AI-based 4Cs and light performance
grading, diamond traceability and fingerprinting and other digital solutions for the retail trade.



Sarine CEO David Block was invited to participate in a panel discussion at the prestigious Dubai
Diamond Conference. The topic was “Disruption in Diamonds – Harnessing Technology for
Positive Change”. To watch the panel, click here and scroll down to the “Panel 1” video.

Sarine announces that it is working with Tiffany & Co. to adapt its automated artificial
intelligence (AI) based grading technology to Tiffany’s stringent grading guidelines and criteria.



ALROSA, the world’s largest producer of rough diamonds in carats, adopted Sarine’s technologies for its new digital tenders platform. Sarine's DiaExpert® 3D-mapping, Galaxy® inclusion scanning, and other technology will enhance the customer experience at ALROSA’s rough diamond auctions with detailed, accurate information about the rough diamond’s external shape, internal inclusions, and anticipated color and fluorescence.

See you in 2020!