Sarine’s AI technology presents an honest diamond

Beyond its pleasing aesthetic, can you really say that you know your diamond? Think about it. With certainty, what can you actually say about that gemstone wrapped around your ring finger? Sure, the retailer you purchased it from gave you the whole spiel on the diamond’s 4Cs. The same spiel they got from some distant diamond grader. But just how reliable is that spiel?

For generations, the worth of a diamond relied on the word of a diamond grader and his trusty loupe. No doubt, diamond graders around the globe are an educated and experienced bunch that can tell anyone a thing or two about a diamond's clarity, cut, carat and color. However, a traditional grader is only human and mistakes happen all the time. 

Whether it be bad days, headaches or even a flawed interpretation, it isn’t rare for diamonds to be misgraded and shipped off to retailers. Another interesting fact about diamond graders is that it isn’t uncommon for two of them to give an individual diamond a very different grade. With that said, who can say anything about their jewelry with a hint of certainty? 


A Diamond You Can Depend On

Traditional diamond grading has just taken the next leap forward. With Sarine’s game-changing eGrading™, feelings like uncertainty and mistrust are a thing of the past. Using AI intelligence and technology on the forefront of the industry, Sarine is bringing to gem lovers an honest diamond that’s backed by dependable data. 

With 100% precision and accuracy 100% of the time, Sarine’s eGrading technology delves into the depth of a diamond on a level that up until recently has been unreachable by human capabilities. Not only does it easily give an accurate analysis of the 4Cs, but it takes things much deeper.

AI Grading (אווירה)

Your Diamond’s Storybook Opening

Customers who buy from any old run-of-the-mill retailer end up walking away with the diamond, the retailer's word regarding the grading and that’s pretty much it. On the contrary, customers that buy from retailers that use Sarine’s eGrading technology are in for a much more intimate relationship with their diamond.  

Thanks to Sarine’s eGrading Digital Report, anytime and anywhere, a customer can fully grasp their diamond’s journey from the mine to the market and all the way onto their finger. The days of wondering when and where your diamond was mined are long gone. If it was found in Russia, Botswana, India or even Canada, Sarine will know. AI Clarity Grading


Planned and Polished to Perfection

However, a diamond’s geological origin is just the tip of the iceberg. Every rough diamond out of the ground has to be scanned and carefully looked over in an effort to see how it can reach its highest potential on the market. Using AI mapping technology, the diamond report takes buyers right into the lab with their diamond. It gives them a close look at how their diamond looked in its rough form, the inclusions it came with and how it was planned and cut into its current mold. 


The Conclusion...

That said, a diamond that’s undergone eGrading by Sarine, is a diamond that’ll never mislead a customer. They’ll walk away knowing exactly what’s on their finger and have an amazing story that they can tell with complete confidence. This is something that’s never been possible before.

Ultimately, the eGraded diamond stands as a testament to the notion that the future of the diamond industry is no longer something that people have to be on the cusp of. With Sarine’s AI technology, it’s already here and we’re in it.