Sarine's Diamond Report: Grasping The Retail Experience

Is merely reading about the dynamic nature of Sarine’s diamond report enough? Its revolutionizing effect on the retail sector for both customers and retailers on a variety of fronts has been covered extensively. It’s the engaging diamond sales tool of the century, allowing retailers to present consumers with a diamond that can be traced to its origin in the mine and throughout every step of the diamond pipeline, which assures customers an ethically sourced backed by verifiable data.

However, the question remains, how are retailers putting this traceability tool into effect on their sales floor? You’ve heard about this revolutionary sales tool, now it’s time to get a look at Sarine’s diamond report in action and get an understanding about how it works.

Choosing The Diamond of Their Dreams

Before a retailer can actually plug a customer into the diamond report experience, they first have to choose a diamond ring that catches their eye. Most diamond consumers won’t know it, but of a retailer’s massive selection, each gem has its very own unique story to tell.

Consumers access the report by way of a QR code. Once the diamond’s unique code is scanned by a smartphone or any other digital device, the diamond report will be fully engaged. However, this report is far from being a one trick pony


Reports That Empower Retailers

Sarine’s verifiable traceability data enables retailers to present a diamond that is completely transparent. That means no mysteries, unfortunate surprises or wonders left to be had. However, at the end of the day, this isn’t a one size fits all product. Sarine is solely providing the data and the tool to differentiate their brand. How the retailer decides to present that data is their decision.

In an interview with Rapaport, Sarine CEO David Block stated the following, “When we issue a grading report [for] traceability or the 4Cs or light performance or any other information about the diamond, we believe the retailers know their consumers much better than we do. Our job is to provide reliable, accurate and verifiable information to our partners that cannot be changed or manipulated in any way, but let them decide how to present this, what information is more important.”

After reading that, you might be wondering how this freedom of choice might benefit a retailer and even be revolutionary for their brand? This revelation is quite baffling.

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What to Expect From Your Diamond Report

Wrapped up in a Sarine diamond report’s stylish and digitalized package is a mass of information and stats that serves to deepen the emotional bond between people and their diamonds.

  • The Diamond Journey™ - With the swipe a finger, consumers can take in their diamond’s complete journey. This means a 3D look at their gem in its rough form, the planning process, the cutting and finally, a 3D close up of the diamond in its polished state.
  • 4Cs Grading – Thanks to Sarine’s AI-based eGrading™, we’re able to present diamond consumers with an undisputed 4Cs grading report. They will be able to easily grasp the fine details of their diamond’s evaluation.
  • Light Performance – Delving even deeper into the heart of a diamond, retailers will be able to use the diamond report to reveal to a customer their diamond’s unique light performance. For the first time, diamond owners will get an up close look at their diamond’s brilliance, sparkle, fire and symmetry.
  • Hearts and Arrows – The diamond report also reveals to a rare look at their diamond’s heart and arrow patterns.

Furthermore, a retailer can choose to provide a diamond report that contains this whole package, which is fully equipped with a 3D printed model of the diamond in its original rough form, or they can just provide one or two of these services as they choose.


A Customizable Report That Will Transform Your Brand

While it does have a beautiful default design, this fully digital and customizable diamond report revolutionizes a retail salesfloor by being an engaging solution that's powered by Sarine but backed with the ability to speak any brand's unique language.

Being a while label solution, the Sarine diamond report can completely adopt the look and feel of your brand, which will definitely put your jeweler one step ahead of the competition and create legitimate brand differentiation. As seen in the picture above, Sarine’s diamond report will give your brand that stand out touch that will have customers talking.


In Closing…

Sarine E-Grading reports ultimately strike consumers with the notion that a diamond is much more than a beautiful sparkle and shine, it’s a 3-billion-year journey from the earth’s boiling center to the finger of a loved one. It is furthermore a journey marked with progress, planning and polishing. One could definitely describe that as a story worth telling.


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