Sarine's Diamond Report: Redefining The Consumer Experience

In our previous blog, we revealed to the retailer exactly how their brand’s equity could be elevated by plugging into Sarine’s fully digitalized diamond report. Furthermore, we assured them that the power was theirs. From how a diamond's journey and evaluation are presented to its physical design, these reports are customizable to any brand’s vision and feel.

That said, brand differentiation is just half of the story when it comes to Sarine’s diamond reports. This highly advanced sales tool is able to elevate sales while simultaneously changing the way consumers see diamond by providing a one-of-a-kind buying experience. Here is a firsthand look at what a customer’s digital sales experience will look like.

Their First Introduction

For decades, the report that would come with a diamond purchase would be underwhelming to say the least. A hardcopy afterthought to the consumer’s glistening gem. Luxury goods like diamonds deserve much more prestige and that’s where Sarine comes in. Backed by verifiable traceability data, Sarine is providing a diamond report that is parallel to the old standard.

Upon the scanning of a diamond’s QR code with any digital device, customers can expect to be met with a fully interactive 3D image of their diamond. Up until now, the everyday individual would never get such a close look at their gem. Above the 3D diamond, they will see listed the diamond’s shape, carat, country of origin and Sarine report ID. However, that’s simply the beginning of their journey.

A Fully Traceable Gem

Ask anyone where their diamond ring is from, and they likely won’t be able to give you a clear answer off the top of their head. Sarine’s diamond report will change that scenario completely. Across the entire pipeline from mine to store, our solutions trace every step a diamond takes and stores its data. It’s this traceability data that empower our diamond reports to gift consumers with certainty.

The traceability report lists the diamond’s producer, country of origin, registration date and rough weight. It also lets consumers know their diamond’s polished weight, verification date, report ID and inscription.


The Diamond’s Journey Revealed

Sarine has always celebrated diamonds in their rough form and the Diamond Journey™ allows customers to feel that same appreciation, as it will give them insights into diamonds that were never before possible. The report does this by revealing to them a digital 3D model of their diamond in its rough form. It then covers how Sarine’s experts used our cutting-edge technology to concoct the best cutting plan. After guiding consumers through the processes that make rough diamonds the diamonds we know and love, it then presents their gem in its polished and final form.

The most recent edition to the Diamond Journey takes thing up a notch. It enables consumers to get an even closer look to their gems. It is the Diamond Journey 360™ experience.  With the swipe of a finger, one can control a detailed model of their gem in every form, from rough to polished. Admire the sparkles, delve into the inclusions, or just take it for a spin.


A Comprehensive Look at an Accurate 4Cs

For generations, the 4Cs have been the long-standing method of measuring a diamond’s worth. Despite that, most new diamond owners will look at their evaluation reports with a hint of confusion. The sphere of diamond evaluation is a complex one that hasn’t been very consistent or accurate up until recently.

With the introduction of our AI-based eGrading™, Sarine’s diamond report is able to stand out by presenting consumers with an accurate diamond evaluation in a way that is extremely comprehensible. It empowers consumers from all walks of life to get a full understanding of their diamond’s color, clarity, carat and cut, and the value they add to the gem.

The Light Performance

Sarine’s highly advanced eGrading has also brought a great deal of added value to gems, by pushing the limits of diamond evaluation beyond the 4Cs. It can effectively measure a diamond’s light performance and has summed it up in the Light Performance report. It enables consumers to get an introspective look at the exact amount of brilliance, sparkle, fire, and symmetry that bring their diamond’s unique shine to life.

In Closing…

The sheer combination of being completely digitalized, data-based and comprehensible delivers to the retailers a unique sales tool that will create the brand differentiation they need to stick out amongst the competition and drive-up higher sales. It also graces consumers with a better understanding of their beloved diamonds’ evaluation and journey from mine to store.

Not only does this build an appreciation between diamonds and a new generation, one that values transparency and sustainability above all else, but its creates a greater emotional attachment, one that most retailers will fail to deliver.


Learn more about the Sarine diamond report HERE!


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