Sarine’s Hackathon 2023: A Showcase of Innovation and Creativity

For over thirty years, Sarine has been an innovative force within the diamond industry, creating technological solutions across the entire pipeline, which have all taken part in revolutionizing the industry several times over. From AI-based solutions within the production and manufacturing segments to engaging digitalized sales tools in the retail sector, the collective minds at Sarine are always thinking of the next innovation that will boost efficiency, consistency, and transparency within our industry.

With that, when all is said and done, Sarine’s growth and success come down to four principles, innovation, originality, creativity and collaboration. It is these exact fundamentals that have allowed Sarine to remain a revolutionary entity within the diamond industry for nearly 35 years.  Becoming an established force doesn’t mean that the search for the latest innovation stops. No. The push for advancement in an everchanging market must always be in a forward motion. 

This June, we celebrated these amazing principles with Sarine Innovation Days, a two-day Hackathon event that brought the company’s employees from various departments together to foster a creative environment, explore new ideas and push the boundaries of technology. 


Taking Industry Pains and Demands to Breakthrough Innovative Thinking

The Hackathon was a breeding ground for fresh and exciting ideas. Participants across eight teams showcased not only their expertise but also their enthusiasm for proposing innovative solutions and experimenting with cutting-edge technologies. Here’s how it all got started.

The morning kicked off with eight teams giving eight presentations showcasing an array of diverse innovations that would impact the diamond industry at every sector down the pipeline. From next-level diamond scanning that would increase planning and efficiency, to new features in traceability and introducing diamonds into virtual worlds, and much more. The ambitious projects would have only two days to be presented in a comprehensible and functional light.

A Sarine Style Hackathon

Gathering into teams and putting our innovative minds together didn’t mean it was all business it needed a creative atmosphere with the ability “to play” and experiment. A hackathon like ours needs a few lighthearted moments thrown into the mix, as working in teams also means creating bonds with one another and making some amazing memories.

Energy shakes, playground in a virtual world, and engaging conversations with a variety of meals during breaks, hackathon participants got to experience intensive brainstorms in a creative reality, where every idea has a stage,

The atmosphere in the R&D halls was sparking with energy. For some, this was the first time in their professional careers delving into virtual reality and it sure was a game changer. Not only did it get us up close and personal with web3, one of the leading platforms of tomorrow, but it presented a fun experience.

Some serenity was needed as well. there were massage therapists enabling our teams to find a little serenity and peace of mind during the race for innovative success. The fun kept coming, as there was a caricature artist who showed participants in a new animated light.

DIGITAL_Winner Badge-01

The Winning Idea!

After an exhilarating and competitive 2-day event, which saw the realization of many great new solutions to the diamond industry, the whole company gathered in one room and each presented their amazing final plans. Presentation after presentation, the judges looked on with intrigue, as the future R&D plans were being presented to them. However, only one team would ultimately emerge as the winner. After each team presented, the winning innovation was revealed. A revolutionary concept that will take the influence of diamonds into a brand-new reality and boost their value significantly.  That said, readers will just have to wait and see what this innovation is.

The winning team consisted of the following members: Maria Butusov, Sufa Josipovich, Itay Elis, Moriya Yitzhari, Tamar Avini, Keren-or Cohen, Liav Trabelsy, and Michael Roque. We congratulate them for their outstanding achievement!

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)-1

Closing Thoughts…

Sarine’s Hackathon 2023 was without doubt a massive success for all involved. It didn’t only showcase some brand-new innovations, but also the innovative thinking of our employees. We are proud of all the participants and their projects, and we look forward to seeing some of them implemented in our future products and services. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Sarine!