Second Generation AI-Based Diamond Grading is Here

At the core of evolution is change.

Since the 2017 launch of the world’s first AI-based diamond grading devices, Sarine Clarity™ and Sarine Color™, these technologies have continued to evolve. Sarine’s R&D team has just engineered the next generation of automated AI-based grading, which is able to support faster, more accurate results that will further revolutionize the efficiency of the diamond supply chain.

Welcome to the second generation of AI-based diamond grading systems

Despite AI solutions being recently introduced into the diamond industry, Sarine has just released the next generation: Sarine Clarity-II™, and an updated version of the Sarine Color™ system.

Sarine Clarity-II™ builds upon its predecessor, providing an array of advanced features that take AI automated clarity grading to even higher levels of sophistication. The second generation technology provides grading across the entire spectrum of grades, from I to VVS, opening up a much broader range of inventory to automated clarity grading. In addition, the Clarity-II™ offers significantly expanded sorting capabilities covering a variety of new parameters, including Black in Table (BIT), Black in Crown (BIC), fluorescence, tinge and milkiness.

With the updated Sarine Color™ device, automated, objective color grading becomes even more accurate, based on increasingly advanced algorithms that continue to learn and develop the color grading capability.

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eGrading at the source

The diamond grading revolution demands more than accurate automated grading. It demands eGrading™ – diamond grading at the source – as an integral part of the diamond manufacturing process.

By integrating Sarine eGrading™ on the factory floor, diamond manufacturers can increase the efficiency of their polished yield, matching to retailer requests and adjusting polishing plans rapidly according to changing consumer trends and demands. Grading directly during the production phase shortens the diamond supply chain, removes costly outsourcing of diamond grading and makes the diamond pipeline more cost-efficient and profitable.

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Sorting it all

With diamond grading a part of the manufacturing process, sorting diamonds along several clarity parameters is key to boosting potential yield. With the Sarine Clarity-II™ system, manufacturers can sort diamonds according to a far broader range of markers, beyond the capability of the first generation AI clarity grading technology. Now, the sorting parameters include milkiness, tinge, fluorescence, BIT and BIC, deepening the capability of the manufacturer to manage their inventory to optimize potential value and meet market demands.

Leading the AI grading revolution

In 2017, Sarine launched the first ever AI-based diamond grading systems to the global diamond market.

In 2022, we have rolled out the second-generation clarity grading system, and automated eGrading™ by Sarine is being integrated on the manufacturing floors of some of the leading diamond producers.

In 2023, the industry will see a huge shift to Sarine-graded diamonds. For manufacturers, this means a shorter supply chain, increased efficiency and reduced costs. For retailers, this means enhanced branding, an increase in consumer trust, and a competitive edge in a tough and dynamic market. And for consumers, their diamonds will come with the assurance of objective and accurate AI-based grading, for a more transparent and satisfying diamond purchase experience. This is what the evolution of AI grading really looks like.


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