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SPECTRUM - Diamond Industry News #29

Welcome to the latest edition of Spectrum, diamond industry news shared with you right here on the Diamond Blog. This month, we’ve got some interesting articles and news covering a wide stretch of the industry. From the record-breaking 120-story tower approved to be built in the Israel diamond bourse area, to an overview of the diamond industry in Angola, how fancy color diamonds get their color, and the largest private diamond and jewelry collection you probably didn’t even know existed, it’s time to dive in and read all about what’s been happening in the diamond industry and jewelry market these past few weeks. So let’s go!

How Diamonds Gain Color

By C. Claiborne Ray @The New York Times

Nothing goes better together than diamonds and science. The story of the way fancy diamonds get their color is truly fascinating. Nature has many ways to color diamonds in a rainbow of natural hues. Here’s a short and sweet Q&A article from the New York Times explaining how impurities, radiation and deformation work to make diamonds into different colors. Want to find out more about fancy color diamonds? Check out our guide too.

[Infographic] Diamonds in Angola: unearthing the country's thriving mining industry


Did you know Angola is the top 3rd diamond mining country in Africa by value? Or that diamond mining began in Angola way back in 1912? If you are a diamond trivia buff, or if you are following the activities of the diamond industry in Africa, there’s much more interesting info for you at the link. Check out this cool infographic about diamond mining, production and export in Angola, and see some of the forecasts for the future of the Angolan diamond industry.

Ramat Gan approves Israel's tallest building

By Shlomit Tsur @Globes

Ramat Gan has been home to the Israel Diamond Exchange since it was established in 1937. Now, the municipality has approved a huge milestone for the famous diamond bourse district with the approval to build what is set to be Israel’s tallest building. The plan includes the 120-story tower - which will set the new record for the tallest building in the country - alongside two new buildings of 88 and 77 storeys each. Some of the new office space will house the diamond exchange, and parts will be leased to other businesses. A fitting addition to one of the world’s top four diamond trading hubs.

8 Jewellery Trends That Will Be Big This Spring

By Michelle Li @ Refinery29

Mismatched earrings, pinky rings and bold color are just some of the jewelry trends you’ll find as we leap into spring. This article at refinery29.com is light on words and heavy on images, so you can feast your eyes on some examples of the hot jewelry brands and what they’re offering this season. Enjoy the beautiful jewelry gallery - get clicking!

The Man With The Most Valuable Jewelry Collection You Never Knew Existed

By Anthony DeMarco @Forbes

It’s not just the Royal family who owns amazing collections of jewels. Unknown to most of the world outside of high jewelry collectors and academia, the incredible Albion Art collection, owned by Japanese national Kazumi Arikawa, includes approximately 800 historical jewels collected over 30 years. According to Vivienne Becker, a leading jewelry historian and author, this collection “must be one of the greatest collections of historic jewelry in the world.” Find out all about the collection and the man behind it in this eye-opening article.

Americans Are Sitting on a Fortune of Old Unwanted Jewelry. This Entrepreneur Wants to Help You Sell It.

By Entrepreneur Staff @ Entrepreneur

Second hand diamonds are a hot trend, and we’ve written about it before on the Diamond Blog. Now’s your chance to hear more from Ben de Kalo, the founder and CEO of one of the most popular marketplace websites for used jewelry, Worthy.com. According to de Kalo, there are life-changing events that spur people to want to sell their jewelry, whether it be divorce, or inheritance, or some other reason. And in the non-transparent and non-liquid marketplace for second hand diamonds, he saw an opportunity for disruption. As industry disruptors ourselves, we were fascinated. You will be too!