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SPECTRUM - Diamond Industry News #31

In this month’s SPECTRUM round up of what’s new in the diamond industry, we are going deep - super deep. That’s because scientists in Brazil have found evidence of diamonds that lay undisturbed deep in the earth for 4.5 billion years. That’s older than the moon! Closer to earth, we look at the top 10 diamond shapes for diamond rings, why Tiffany is launching a men’s jewelry line, and how a woman found a 3.72-carat rough diamond in Arkansas with the help of a YouTube video. So, let’s dive into this month’s diamond industry news.

Superdeep diamonds have a story to tell

By Richard A Lovett @Cosmos

Every diamond has its own unique journey and story - but what if it’s a story that’s older than anything on earth? That’s what scientists in Brazil are believed to have discovered. Imperfections found in “superdeep diamonds”, which formed much deeper in the earth’s surface that usual diamonds, show signs of being undisturbed for 4.5 billion years, making them older than the moon itself! Now that’s a story!


10 Popular Engagement Ring Shapes Ranked From Most Timeless to Least

By Vanessa Powell @Who What Wear

Ever wondered what are the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings? Wonder no more. Here’s a list of the top 10 shapes ranked from timeless (ahem, round) to least timeless (heart, anyone?), curated by the current VP of Ritani fine jewelry.


She was watching a YouTube video on how to find diamonds — then spotted a 3.72-carat one in an Arkansas state park

By Hannah Sampson @The Washington Post

There is something very special about being one of the few people (outside of diamond mining companies…) to actually find a diamond. In this feelgood story, a visitor to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas was taking a break from hunting for diamonds and sat down to watch a YouTube about how to find a diamond in the park. The rest is history - but the cherry on top? She’s not going to sell her diamond, which was the largest yellow diamond to be found in the park since 2013; she’s going to have it cut into two polished diamonds to pass on to her kids as heirlooms. Precious!


Why Tiffany & Co. Created its First Men’s Collection

By Anne D'Innoncenzio and The Associated Press @FortuneMagazine

High end jewelry for men is gaining in popularity, and the proof is in the pudding. Tiffany has recently announced that it is launching its first comprehensive men’s jewelry line in October. The line will include a range of jewelry priced from $200 to $15,000. We’re not just talking cufflinks and money clips. This is a complete jewelry line - and it just goes to show how retailers are moving out of the box in response to changing consumer trends and demands.


Guinness Record-breaking Diamond Ring Estimated At $4.9 Million

@Israeli Diamond Industry

Can you imagine a ring set with 7,777 diamonds? Now you don’t have to imagine it - you can see it for yourself. The world-record breaking creation made it into Guiness as the ring set with the most diamonds ever. Called the Lotus Temple Ring, it’s the work of Lakshikaa Jewels from Mumbai, India. And now for the nitty gritty - it took 18 months to make and is valued at $4.9 million. Not surprising for a ring that recreates the Lotus Temple in Delhi on a ring.


Five Marketing Trends For Now — And What They’re Trying To Tell Us

By Marian Salzman @Forbes

In this interesting piece about five top marketing trends, there’s some good news for the diamond industry. Number one is all about the “diamond jewelry phenomenon [that’s] sweeping the U.S and China.” As the author contends, this is a surprising trend, as the Millenial and Gen Z generations don’t seem to be the types who would be interested in the luxury investment that diamonds and gems represent. In fact, according to the article, Millenials are responsible for 60% of demand of diamond jewelry in the US and nearly 80% in China. Good news indeed.