SPECTRUM - Diamond Industry News #32

In this, our first Spectrum diamond news and trends blog post for 2020 - and the new decade - all eyes are on the 1758-carat Sewelo diamond, discovered in Botswana and recently purchased by designer brand Louis Vuitton. Read the incredible story of the diamond find and the company behind it in an extended feature in The New Yorker magazine. Plus, we are loving the diamond-laden look by Chopard for the new Bond girl in the soon-to-be-released 25th Bond film, latest trends in jewelry for 2020 according to Elle magazine, and why are retailers feeling overwhelmed by all the latest tech? Check out this and more in Spectrum, the Diamond Industry News roundup by Sarine.

The Woman Shaking Up The Diamond Industry

By Ed Caesar @NewYorker


Read the fascinating story of the discovery of the world’s largest rough diamond discovery in over a century (1700 carats!), and how the manager of Lucara Botswana, a Muslim female, responded when she heard the news, “You know, we are making history.” Continue on to read about Eira Thomas, the head of Lucara Diamonds and her success in sourcing diamonds in Canada. A fascinating true story at The New Yorker, and particularly exciting for us at Sarine, as tech partners to Lucara for their Clara rough diamond trading platform.


Why Louis Vuitton Bought the World's Second-Largest Diamond

By Halie LeSavage @MorningBrew


Louis Vuitton is known for its high fashion, but it really only entered the fine jewelry market in 2001. Now, with the purchase of the 1758-carat Sewelo diamond, the second-largest rough diamond ever to be discovered, Louis Vuitton is taking its name in jewelry to stratospheric heights. In fact, according to some, this purchase could help spur the brand to the top 5 fine jewelry retailers. Either way, when it comes to jewelry and designer brands, it’s a race to the top.


Chopard Dresses Bond Girl In 140 Carats Of Diamonds

By Carol Besler @Forbes


With the upcoming release of the new Bond film in April, all eyes are on the new Bond girl, Ana de Armas, and her diamonds. Designer jewelry brand Chopard, a sponsor of the film, has decked out the actress in diamonds from its Green Carpet collection, including a 43-carat necklace, 82-carat bracelet set, and 14-carat diamond earrings. Who’s the star of the show?

4 Unexpected Jewelry Trends Taking Over 2020

By Jenna Igneri @ELLEmagazine


Some of the hot trends in jewelry for 2020 are in fact not that new - but this is going to be the year where they really take off. Trends such as chain links, heirloom inspired jewelry, and irregular oversized hoops are making their way into the new year and new decade, and we have to admit, it’s looking good! Elle magazine has hand-picked some beautiful examples at a range of price points, showing how 2020 is going to be a gorgeous year in jewelry.

American retailers dumbfounded by wide array of retail tech solutions

By Staff Writer @RTIH_RetailTech


Technology is becoming more and more entrenched in the retail experience. For retailers, using tech is not a matter of if or when - they need to be using retail technologies as part of their daily sales process even now. This short article in Retail Tech Innovation Hub details a recent survey that shows that 51% of C-level retail professionals are overwhelmed by the choice of retail tech in the market today. Even so, 68% are planning to spend more on retail tech this year.


Salt and pepper diamonds: The cheaper engagement ring option that still looks super exxy.

By Amy Clark @Mamamia


For young couples, salt and pepper diamonds are not just the latest diamond trend - they are also a more affordable choice for an engagement ring. This piece by Australian publisher MamaMia takes an in-depth look at everything salt-and-pepper diamond, including how they are formed, how much cheaper they really are, what are the different types, topped off with a long list of images showing just how beautiful salt and pepper diamonds can be when set in a jewelry piece.