The link between emotional attachment and higher sales

Are you taking the proper steps to make your business more lucrative and engaging? If you aren’t, it’s about time you consider it. In any city or sizable town, a jewelry store can easily fall into the loop of being one in a million. Jewelry retailers exist not only on nearly every central street, but also in malls by the dozens.

Can a well-designed window display and fair prices continue to be enough to make a diamond sale? There’s a way to become the standout jeweler in your area. What it ultimately takes to be “that” jeweler is building and fostering an emotional attachment between your products and the consumers. Once a costumer has an engaging experience, it drives emotions that are likely to result in a purchase.

Today, professional diamond salesmen and women face multiple questions from consumers making diamond purchases. Provide them with the am unforgettable experience and great answer and they sure as heck won’t forget where they got that diamond. This means recommendations and a bigger cliental.

While creating that emotional attachment may sound like a hard and untraditional feat, here are some golden rules that can help you achieve just that.2021-08-17_13h16_12-1-1

Suggestions You Don’t Want to Forget

  • Define Your Buyer’s Persona - The average age of a person getting married and thus likely buying a diamond is 32. They’re millennials, so it’s important for retailers to identify with their needs and values. Research and has shown that sustainability and traceability are very important to the millennial generation, so this is definitely something worth getting on. Seeing you embrace that will definitely create a sense of consumer trust.
  • Keep The Experience Personal –Boost the intensity between you. Build a connection with consumers. Let them in on a diamond’s 3 billion year formation and all that it had to go through to reach the retailer. That’s one sure fire way to bring a diamond to life. One can also go into details about how diamonds easily become part of someone’s heritage as they can travel down a family tree for generations to come.
  • Be Unique – Too many retailers are supplying their products and trying to stand out. A good retailer needs to be unique and that can be done by being in sync with the society around them. This means adding something extra to your diamonds. Something that people won’t find at the hundreds of other jewelers in their area.
  • Pulling Their Heart Strings - Buying a diamond comes with some heavy emotional ties. Someone is getting married or celebrating a number of other monumental events in their life. Retailers are in the position to give their diamonds that extra touch of humanity. No doubt, consumers are going to go to a few different stores before settling on their purchase. Be the store that provides wonder, sentiment, intrigue, or an inspiring message.

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Enter the Diamond Journey

Retailers will be happy to know that Sarine’s Diamond Journey™ provides all of the above in one digitalized report. How so? It gives consumers a bird’s eye view into the history of the diamond of their choice. Yup, with this handy report, a small trip to a local jewelry store can turn into a journey spanning back to when a diamond was first discovered. It those kinds of experience that will create an emotional bond between consumers and products.

How does it work? In simple terms – data. Throughout its trip down the diamond pipeline, whenever a diamond passes through a Sarine machine data is collected on it. It’s even scanned in its rough form and digitalized before any polishing and cutting is done. That verifiable data is then stored in our secure cloud system. Diamond Journey is taking that data and creating an experience unlike anything ever before.

For decades, gems would sell on their beauty and size alone. Now they’re proving their worth in a much more intimate light, as every block of that data is creating a page in a diamond’s story. From the discovery in its rough form, to its planning, polishing and finally to the retailer, customers will be holding that diamonds hand every step of the way.

That said, showing the diamond’s origin is only the tip of the iceberg. It is always exposing these traceable diamonds as fully sustainable. That means it’s a guilt-free diamond that a consumers can flaunt with confidence. How can one not form an emotional detachment after that journey? And after experiencing that, why would anyone recommend or go to a jeweler that can’t provide the same?

Feeling The Rough Diamond

To go along with Diamond Journey as a companion piece, there is a tool that will further ensnare a customer’s attachment. That’s the 3D-Origin. Using data collected from the diamond when it was first discovered, this fancy contraption will make a 3D print of the diamond in its rough form. Allowing a consumer to hold that piece of history will no doubt have a moving effect on them.

Closing Thoughts…

Emotional attachment between a product based on an engaging digital experience and consumer is ultimately going to be linked to the way you sell them that product and the service you provide. With Sarine, you’re providing them a journey into a gem and revealing its meaning and richness. Your providing history.

When a customer goes home, they’re going to remember the way you made them feel and the way you made the product shine. That’s going to speak volumes over another retailer’s well-arranged display case. Touch your costumers’ emotions and make your diamonds personal.