A place for diamond data in the metaverse?

2022 is setting itself up to be the year that bridges the gap between our everyday reality and the virtual one. If the term “metaverse” means nothing to you now, rest assured, it’s about to be a major part of your life. “What is the metaverse?”, you ask. It’s the next major development of the internet, a world wide web that you delve into, instead of look into. However, at its foundation, the metaverse is a mass of collected data and the opportunities and possibilities that come with this data are staggering.

Virtual World of Endless Possibilities

Via data I the metaverse, you can do wonders through the eyes of an avatar that represents you. Friend and family gatherings, world building, walks virtual nature, concerts and café visits are all pretty standard knowledge of what can be done in the metaverse. However, it goes way deeper.diamond-myths

  • Commerce – The metaverse is going to be a data goldmine for big brand marketers. Given the nearly limitless extent of what can be done in the metaverse, marketers are going to get an even deeper look at what the masses are into and loving. This will allow them to take their campaigns to whole new personal level and create products perfectly tailored to consumers.
  • Vacationing 2.0 – Face it, there are places we’d like to vacation to that are pretty impossible to reach. The earth’s center, the bottom of the ocean and even planet Mars. Thanks to data that exists on these places, the metaverse will make visits to these locations fully possible.
  • Big Business –Hybrid work schedules and remote jobs have become celebrated new norms in the past couple years. As great as they are, data shows there is a drawback in the lack of in-person communication. Thankfully, collaboration technology is continually advancing in the metaverse.
    The business world has already taken this in, and virtual meetings and office spaces are already becoming a trend.

Diamonds In the Metaverse

Given that big fashion brands like Nika, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and Dulce & Gabbana’ have already set up shop in the metaverse, it was only a matter of time before diamonds made their appearance. Let’s look back to December 2021, when HB Antwerp launched Signum, a luxury brand made in the metaverse.

Signum is somewhat of a breath to fresh air, as it’s an experimental diamond brand that uses diamond data to link physical gems with digital ownership in the metaverse. This is only a diamond’s first step into the digital era. We at Sarine are thinking ten steps ahead.


Sarine’s Place in the Metaverse

Needless to say, Sarine has had a monumental impact on the diamond industry. Sarine’s AI-Based Grading™, Diamond Profile™ and Diamond Journey™ have given people insights into their diamonds that was never possible in the past. All this can be attributed to the mass of verifiable diamond data that existing in our cloud system.

Via data alone we are able to provide consumers with diamonds that are fully traceable and sustainable. Our Sarine Diamond Journey report allows owners to get an up close and personal look at their diamond’s journey from the mine to the retailer. Also, our data-based Diamond Profile Report opens the door to the heart and soul of a diamond. Just think about how VR can push this further.

Without doubt, for Sarine the metaverse is next. With over thirty years in the industry and access to data on billions of diamonds with billions of different inclusions, what we can do in the metaverse regarding gems is limitless. Our potential for creative and unique diamond NFTs is far beyond what anyone else can do.


In Conclusion…

Keep your eyes and ears open. On our end, something revolutionary for both diamonds and virtual reality is already in the works and all you have to do is look out for it. And remember, brace yourself, you’re about to see diamonds completely reimagined in a virtual world of endless possibilities.