Top Influencers Reveal the Hottest Trends in Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is like a timeless dance of elegance and style, always evolving with the trends of the moment. In this ever-changing world, the top influencers and bloggers in the jewelry scene are our style guides, always surrounded by the most stunning jewelry, often from the most successful brands. Picture this: living, breathing, posting gem lovers who wear and showcase the creations of the best jewelry designers.

These influencers are our go-to experts for what's trending, what's changing, and what we should all be keeping an eye on in the world of fine jewelry. So strap in for an exhilarating plunge into the world of top jewelry influencers. Get ready to discover the most dazzling trends adored by consumers, setting social media ablaze.


Tracey Ellison

With a passion for all things exquisite, the renowned high jewelry blogger and influencer Tracey Ellison, aka TheDiamondsGirl, has crafted a virtual empire with a stellar 1.2 Million followers on Instagram. Tracey is accustomed to adorning herself with the biggest diamonds and the most precious jewelry in the world. She's a walking treasure chest! Plus, she's a regular at the most prestigious jewelry events, making her the ultimate go-to for trends.

1. Personalization remains strong!

Custom bracelets/designs incorporating initials or words that are meaningful. For example, I wear a Stephanie Gottlieb slider bangle that has pavé diamond initials of my children, as well as my four favorite diamond shapes! Recent events I’ve attended have been full of jewelry that can be customized. Wearers are looking for that personal connection with their pieces!


The Diamonds Girl

2. Gold, gold, gold!

People talk about a swing back to platinum, but I’m not seeing it take hold yet! Instead, I’m seeing lots of yellow and rose-colored gold! 


The Diamonds Girl

3. Titanium…. In all colors!

More and more jewelers are creating pieces using titanium, in shades of pink, black, blue, and more. Because the metal is light, it is perfect for chunky, bold pieces, which would otherwise be uncomfortable to wear due to the weight of the metal. I recently tried on an incredible pair of Glenn Spiro titanium earrings, thinking they would pull my ear right down, but because the diamonds were set in titanium, it sat perfectly on my ears! 

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 19.24.07Glenn Spiro, pair of diamond chandelier earrings set in green titanium

4. Yummy colored gemstones!

Even an avid diamond lover like myself cannot resist the allure of beautiful gemstones. I saw a Padparadsha sapphire ring at David Morris in London that was the perfect combination of pink with yellow undertones, I literally want to eat it then and there! 


The Diamonds Girl

5. Less layering… more meaning!

I’ve always been drawn to jewelry that’s designed to be worn layered together with other pieces. In the last five years, layering has become an art, with necklaces and bracelets being worn in stacks, that blend together to stunning effect. But lately…I’m seeing a move towards a simpler approach, with wearers opting for a single beautiful necklace/ bracelet/ ring, instead of heaping it all on, and losing the ability to see what’s being worn! 

The Diamonds Girl

Katerina Perez

Step into the dazzling world of the Ukraine-based journalist, social media guru, and jewelry influencer Katerina Perez! Hailing from Ukraine, Katerina has earned her status as a luminary in the realm of high jewelry. Renowned for curating exceptional content that highlights the finest jewels to her 435K followers on Instagram, she has the best insights you need about the latest jewelry trends. 

1. Layering

Layering fine and high jewellery creations is the ultimate contemporary vehicle for self-expression. We've seen a proliferation of layered styles, including some unique pieces in Louis Vuitton's Deep Time Chapter I High Jewellery collection (notably the Rupture and Fossils necklaces). Back in 2022, I referred to this as the 'neck mess' trend, although it has been considerably refined since the aesthetic took off on social media and among celebrities. This trend is all about injecting personality into jewellery looks and stepping away from more reserved, classical styles. It is dominated by neckwear, although stacked and layered bracelets, rings and 'ear party' styles also fit into the theme well. 


Yataghan Jewellery styled in layers of 18K yellow gold and diamonds

Katerina Perez Blog

2. Maximalism

Following on from layering, one of the biggest trends in High Jewellery right now is maximalism and boldly proportioned, voluminous and three-dimensional jewels. We've seen examples at all the big houses, including De Beers, Boucheron, David Morris and Gucci, but examples are also coming through at all the significant trade events, such as Vicenzaoro, Inhorgenta and the Doha Jewellery And Watches Exhibition. And this isn't simply colourless diamond maximalism, but coloured gemstones, oversized cabochons, and blown-up forms thanks to lightweight materials like aluminium and titanium. It's material innovations that are making these eye-catching sizes and silhouettes possible. 


Katerina Perez Blog


3. Unconventional Cuts

First, it was oval-shaped diamonds pushing round brilliant-cut gems off their top spot, but now brands and designers are becoming more ambitious when it comes to fancy cuts. I've seen a proliferation of branded diamond cuts, such as the Louis Vuitton Monogram Star diamond and the Movál® diamond (a cross between an oval and marquise cut) at Rahaminov Diamonds. However, we're now entering the age of rose- and portrait-cut diamonds, plus unusual shield, kite and triangular-shaped diamonds that allow for different geometries. I predict that soft and sensual rose cuts are yet to reach their peak in the market, so I think these are the ones to watch.

 Collections LV Diamonds LV Diamonds Stud, LV Monogram Star cut - per unit | Louis Vuitton ®Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 17.57.05LV Diamonds Stud, LV Monogram Star cut


4. Rough Diamonds

Speaking of diamonds, there are some inspiring examples of rough stones being used creatively by designers, notably at Leo Wittwer and Frieden Swiss Jewellers. Of course, De Beers has been adding to its Talisman High Jewellery collection for many years, but I see this creative combination of rough and polished diamonds proliferating over time. As collectors become more interested in the provenance and origin of their minerals, there's something authentic and 'back to basics' about incorporating 'raw' diamonds into precious jewels - a homage to the shapes and colours that nature, rather than man, can create. 

4rLeo Witter Rough Cut


5. Forever Nature

Nature is a ubiquitous theme in High Jewellery and in jewellery more generally. To say it is a 'current' trend is not strictly true, as it has never really gone away! But what's special about nature as a design theme is how much pressure it puts on creatives to come up with something new. Look to Chaumet and its 2024 Un Air de Chaumet High Jewellery collection, complete with the Ballet ear cuff and matching brooches/hair jewels designed to look like swallows in flight. Examples of nature reimagined and reinvented are everywhere, although more literal interpretations are the draw for 2024. Why have a figurative interpretation of nature when a literal one will do?! 



Julia Hackman Chafé

Meet Julia Hackman Chafé, the rising star and creative force behind JewelsWithJules, the social media sensation captivating luxury lovers. With an infectious energy, Julia brings you the juiciest celebrity jewelry scoops, from North West's diamond grills to real royalty's millions of dollars worth of jewelry. In under two years, Julia has amassed a whopping 245K followers on Instagram and 143K on TikTok, and this is just the beginning.  Here are her top hottest trends in fine jewelry.


1. Mob Wife Aesthetic

With the rise of the mob wife aesthetic on TikTok, I think we’ll be seeing super chunky jewelry this year. The chunkiness could come from gold, diamonds, pearls, etc. Anything that screams “mob wife!”

Screen Shot 2024-01-30 at 14.22.20


At the Super Bowl,  Blake Lively with Tiffany jewelry. Photo Getty


2. Anklets

Anklets are back in. I don’t make the rules- Rihanna does! She’s been rocking chunky diamond anklets all around Paris fashion week.




3. Necklace Stacking

Every red carpet since the 2023 Met Gala has introduced some sort of necklace stack. More specifically, tennis necklace stacking. While not all of us can stack the way Margot Robbie does, there definitely is a way in for everyone!




4. Bows

We all thought coquette-core would be a short-lived TikTok trend. However, if the Chanel runway taught us anything, it’s that bows are here to stay.

Screen Shot 2024-01-30 at 14.23.33

Photograph: Stéphane de Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images


Gems of Wisdom

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