Traceability is Diversity: Why Every Diamond Story Matters

Diversity. It’s the face of the world today. And it’s an integral part of the diamond industry, too. 

The diamond industry is an old one, standing on the broad shoulders of tradition. At the same time, it is incredibly diverse and always has been. It brings together people from all continents, cultures, and walks of life. The artisan miner in Africa and mining executives in Russia and Canada. The vibrant manufacturing hub of Surat and the trade centers of Ramat Gan and Antwerp. Gemmologists in the labs of London and sellers in the New York diamond district.

The contemporary diamond industry is multi-ethnic and multicultural, colorful, eclectic, traditional, and tech-driven. It represents a true meeting of humans and machines all working towards a common goal: the creation of beautiful, meaningful diamonds that enrich lives with emotional and financial value. 

But diversity goes even deeper than that. It touches every diamond.

Diamonds: Earth’s Diversity

Every person in the world has their own fingerprint. Every characteristic, every birthmark is a fortuitous result of a random collection of forces that come together in a unique set of genes. Each diamond is also the result of an unrepeatable merging of natural forces that create a one-of-a-kind stone, completely unique, unlike any other in the world.

Natural diamonds are created over billions of years deep in the earth under high-pressure geological conditions. A rough diamond is “born” when it is extracted from the mine. Then it embarks on its individual journey of planning, cutting, and polishing.

That journey is dictated by an assortment of factors, such as the composition and position of inclusions and flaws, fluorescence, milkiness, and the tiniest variations and imperfections. In fact, every visual feature of a diamond – those that can be seen by the naked eye and those that are only visible with the help of advanced imaging technology – all contribute to the profile and personality of the final polished gem.

Like people, diamonds are endlessly diverse. The possibilities of how a rough diamond can transform to polished are almost limitless. This complexity is what makes diamond diversity so beautiful and mysterious. But it also creates a challenge: how to decode the complexity and reveal the full uniqueness and beauty of each individual diamond to customers.

The solution is traceability

Every diamond has a story. It begins when the mined rough stone is scanned by Sarine Galaxy® technology for automated detection and mapping of diverse internal inclusions. Every natural birthmark and feature is analyzed and recorded. This creates a record of the diamond’s singular beginnings, how it started on the road to becoming a unique jewel unlike any other.

The rough diamond then undergoes planning, when Sarine Advisor® software calculates a selection of cutting plans out of the endless possibilities to produce the best possible diamond from the rough. The diamond’s shape, size, weight, cut precision, clarity, and light performance will all be impacted by the decisions made at the planning stage. The tiniest adjustment to a cutting plan can change the diamond’s entire destiny.

This long, diverse, and data-rich journey can only be tracked, verified, and presented to consumers with the help of traceability technology.

Billions of faces. Billions of diamond possibilities.

When it comes to identifying humans, face recognition technology and biometric passports work on the same principle: gathering and storing a person’s authentic and accurate ID, based on their biological characteristics and profile.

 traceability is diversity1 (003)

Sarine’s Diamond Journey™ traceability solution does the job for diamonds, scanning each diamond’s physical features and birthmarks, down to the tiniest detail and throughout its life cycle from rough to polished stone, showcasing it all in a verifiable digital report that reflects the diamond’s true diversity. It’s a diamond “recognition” system designed to quickly identify the different “faces” of diamonds as they pass along the pipeline.

Those are the faces of diamond diversity, reflected in Diamond Journey traceability.

No two people are alike. No two diamonds are alike. But there is a perfect diamond out there for every person and every love story. Traceability technology can help us unlock the diversity, respect the unique origins of every diamond, and help customers find their perfect diamond.

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