[Watch Webinar] Everything About the Diamond Journey™

Diamond retailers are facing a new generation of customers. Today’s consumers demand a whole lot more during the purchase process. Whether it’s more information about the product, its provenance, quality and value for money, or whether it’s a deeper, more engaging experience of the product itself, both in-store and online, retailers in all industries, including the diamond industry, must incorporate new retail approaches and technologies to stay competitive.

This is where Sarine’s Diamond Journey™ solution comes in.

Michael Goren, Sarine’s VP Global Sales & Marketing, featured in a webinar that explains the Diamond Journey™ in detail, how and why it works, and what it can do to boost sales for diamond retailers. Check it out:



The Diamond Journey™, developed by Sarine, is a sales tool for diamond and jewelry retailers that give the consumer the “more” they are looking for. Millions of the world’s rough diamonds are touched by Sarine devices along the manufacturing pipeline, accumulating the necessary data to present the diamond’s journey from rough to polished to the consumer, in an engaging, visual, interactive digital experience.

It’s about changing consumer perception of their diamond, and strengthening the customer’s emotional connection to the diamond’s uniqueness.

The webinar touches on some of the most commonly asked questions about the Diamond Journey™:

  • Why is the Diamond Journey™ important?
  • How does Sarine’s technology help produce the diamond?
  • How does Sarine’s Diamond Journey highlight each diamond’s unique characteristics?
  • What information can the consumer learn from the Diamond Journey™?
  • How does the Sarine Diamond Journey™ enhance the in-store diamond buying experience?
  • How the Sarine Diamond Journey™ can help retailers sell to the modern consumer

There are more Sarine webinars to come, designed to help you understand how technology can help enhance the diamond buying experience and boost retail sales. Stay tuned for more!

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