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[Watch Webinar] Everything About Light Performance

Following our first webinar about the Diamond Journey™, we are now turning to the world of light performance - how a diamond interacts with light and the way this directly influences its appearance and value.

This webinar “Everything About Light Performance” is hosted by Sarine’s Guy Ben Ari, Product Manager for the Sarine Light™ light performance measurement and grading device. Light performance is a subject we discuss often at Sarine. Over half a century after the 4Cs became the industry standard for diamond grading, the industry is demanding a new, deeper and more accurate way to determine a diamond’s beauty and desirability.

This is light performance, a scientific measurement of the diamond’s interaction with light, which forms the basis of the Sarine Light Performance grading scale.


Watch the webinar now:




Imagine two diamonds side by side. They are the same shape, similar in size and 4Cs gradings, however the difference in price is substantial. When all other parameters are close or equal, what accounts for the gap in value? Why is one of the diamonds more valuable than the other?

In the new webinar, Guy Ben Ari covers the key principles of light performance measurement and grading, how and why it works, and what makes it such a powerful new factor in the diamond consumer landscape. He also discusses the area of light performance optimization, in which Sarine engineers can help diamond manufacturers develop rough diamond plans to optimize the light performance of polished diamonds of various shapes.

Watch the webinar and discover the answers to all your light performance questions:

  • Why is light performance important?
  • What does the measurement process require?
  • Why should I believe Sarine’s light scale?
  • How can we see the difference?
  • What parameters affect the light performance?
  • How can we evaluate the difference between two diamonds?
  • Why is light performance more important than the 4Cs?
  • What other parameters affect the value of the diamond?
  • What is light performance optimization?


Stay tuned for more webinars covering certification, the 4Cs and more!

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