Traceability: A Diamond Retailer's Saving Grace

Few in the industry will ever admit it, but in many ways, the diamond sector is quite out of touch. Only a decade ago, mystery, high speech, and obscurity were everything consumers would expect to face when purchasing a luxury gem. However, times have changed, and so have the values and passions of the modern consumer. Above all else, people want details and understanding. The more transparent you can be, the happier you’ll make them.

That said, amidst these changing times, Sarine’s traceability data is a diamond retailer’s best friend. Its ability to reveal a gem’s undisputed origin to consumers is enough to make it an essential component for any diamond retailer that's hoping to increase their margin and speak to the modern generation. However, revealing a diamond’s sustainable source isn’t the end all and be all when it comes to the benefits of traceability. Today, we’re going to take our readers into the heart of why diamond traceability is essential for all retailers.


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A Unique Look at Very Old Friend

Adapting Sarine’s data-based traceability solutions into your retail experience will usher your customers into a brand-new diamond buying experience, as it will reveal all the mapping, planning, and polishing that has always been kept under wraps in labs.  In the form of our fully digital Diamond Journey report, they’ll get exposed to their diamond in its…

  • Rough Form – Looking back many generations until now, it’s safe to say most consumers never saw a rough diamond before and probably wouldn’t even know what it looks like. This new look at their gem is bound to create more emotional attachment to their gem.
  • Polishing and Planning – Consumers will also get an up close and personal look at how our AI technologies planned their diamond with the most value in mind. On their digital device, they’ll be to look at what the manufacturers were seeing in the labs.
  • Evaluation Process – Just to beef up the experience, consumers will also be treated to a fully comprehensive evaluation report. From the 4Cs grading to their gem’s Light Performance.

You might be telling yourself that you don’t need a solution like this for your retailer right now, or even that your sales are doing fine without it. That might be true, but for how long? The future isn’t months or years away anymore, it’s now and today’s budding culture won’t sink back into the soil, it will only bloom and grow continuously.


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A World of Added Value

Here’s why the surface benefits of diamond traceability are quite rewarding. Today, modern consumers are interested in two major factors, sustainability and transparency. Many retailers aren’t offering that, but with our traceability solutions, you can. By aligning your retailer with the values of modern consumers, you’re not only winning consumer hearts, but you're successfully creating brand differentiation and getting the edge on all of your competition. 

You’ll be the retailer that the people can trust and depend on for truth. Furthermore, many folks out there are looking for diamond’s and they have a sustainable itch they can’t seem scratch. You’ll be the retailer that can deliver that relief. Your brand can promise them a gem that’ll never weigh on their conscience. However, those are the surface benefits. There is a deeper layer of benefits down the pipeline that will be a huge relief to diamond retailers everywhere.


Tracing Your Diamond Through the Midstream

It’s happened too many times! Another curious customer asking about the accuracy of your Diamond Journey report. It’s no secret that in the past data has been manipulated to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes and obscure the truth. With our verifiable data-based diamond reports, that just isn’t possible.

It’s important that retailers and consumers alike know that Sarine’s solutions are present throughout every stage of the diamond pipeline. Whenever a single diamond passes through any one of our machines, the diamond’s data is picked up and stored in our impenetrable Sarine cloud. It is this very cloud system that stands as the base for our diamond reports. Our Diamond Journey report truly gifts retailers with the wonderful gift of undisputed end-to-end traceability. You will know where your diamonds have been across the supply chain.


In Closing…

When talking about traceability, I think Sarine CEO David Block said it best when he said, “It enables the retailer to live up to a moral promise to a consumer and say, I’ve checked how my entire supply chain works. It's about creating that transparency. and then it plays a role in giving a story. But overall, it allows a retailer to know their diamond’s heart and soul.”


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