How we're officially living in an AI-powered world

In our society and individual lives, AI can best be described as an express way to advancement with no exit ramps. We at Sarine are experiencing this first-hand. Let’s look at diamond grading. Over the past generations, it has been an inconsistent, inaccurate, inefficient, and completely manual process. By introducing AI technology into the grading process, we have created eGrading™, a fully automated solution that is accurate, consistent, and efficient on a scale unreachable by humans. However, the diamond industry is merely on the tip of the AI iceberg.

Only two decades ago, the idea of artificial intelligence playing an everyday role in our lives was science fiction. Today, whether you know it or not, AI is transforming the way we live and function as a society.




AI in everyday society

From general companionship to the workplace, AI is subtlety becoming an essential part of the processes that make our world go round. Here are a few examples.


In The Workplace

Robotics giant Boston Dynamics has released Stretch, one of many AI-powered warehouse solutions. It has the ability to unload 800 parcels per hour from the truck beds. Machine learning is constantly increasing its mobility efforts, perception, and manipulation. In the hospitality sector, we have Softbank Robotics creation Keenboy. Already functioning in Australia, the AI-powered bot was designed for restaurant and hotels. It can serve up to four trays at once. Even more impressively, in Japan sits the Henna-na Hotel. It’s a hotel that is fully staffed by multilingual robots.


Taking things even a step further are AI robots Pepper and Nao. These AI bots have the ability to recognize faces and read emotions. While they make great AI assistants in a variety of fields, they’re making waves as caregivers. They check blood pressure, remind elderly patients of upcoming appointments, and even entertain them.


AI in Everyday Use

While hard to believe, even technologically inept individuals are reliant on artificial intelligence. Smart phones, Google Maps, smart home devices, search engines, Siri, Uber and even Tesla drivers are all dabbling in the world of AI. Even face filters on Instagram are powered by artificial intelligence. Do you love partaking in Netflix after work and looking at its newest recommendations? Those recommendations are the works of gathered data and AI technology.


Baffling as that alone may be, this year AI has already made several breakthroughs.



The Latest Breakthroughs

  • Smell Recognition - AI has taken things a step further by recently learning how to recognize smell. It does so by building a neural network that closely mimics the olfactory circuits that animal brains use to process odors.
  • Beethoven’s 10th Symphony - In 2021, AI was used to complete Beethoven’s 10th symphony, which had been in fragments for almost two centuries. It was done based of the data provided from his other works.
  • AI Dance Choreographer – With a certain amount of data points anything is possible for AI. Apps like Living Archive are teaching dance choreography to millions. Also, Boston Dynamics’ robots have learned to dance in an array of styles.
  • AI Fashion – With Runway Palette, Google is now giving people the opportunity to explore nearly 1,000 fashion designers based off color. With machine learning, it was able to organize thousands of outfits by color. With a single click, fashionistas can see a fashion show in Paris and then immediately go to one in Milan.
  • AI Painting – Right now, a lot of the buzz on social media has been about AI images. Users simply need to type in a short description and within seconds, the AI will create an impressive or odd image. It creates a practical wonderland based off only two or three data points.

In closing…

Taking into consideration its machine learning capabilities, AI truly harbors limitless potential. With merely two data points, its able to create a piece of art that could easily be on show at a gallery.  As a tech trend setter in the diamond industry, pioneering in AI, we're pushing its capabilities beyond former boundaries with our second-generation solutions. 

Using data taken from millions of diamonds, AI has helped Sarine transform traditional grading to eGrading™, as well as create a slew of solution down the pipeline that are creating a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable diamond industry.  If it is what AI is doing for our industry now, we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us as it continues to advance and make science fiction a reality.

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