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November 2022

Customizable Diamond Reports Putting Your Brand In The Front

For the retail sector, Sarine diamond reports are a game changer for a variety of reasons. For one, unlike any diamond report to come before it, ours is fully digital, interactive, and compatible with any digital device. This is a diamond report that can be shared and taken anywhere. Secondly, they are based off verifiable[…]

November 2022

Instore Webinar Recap: ‘How Sarine AI-based Grading Will Change the Way You Sell Diamonds’

Today, we’re taking a look back at Sarine and Instore's webinar titled ‘How Sarine AI-based Grading Will Change the Way You Sell Diamonds’. Sarine General Manager and North American Vice President Matthew Tratner talks to Cheryl Kremkow, founder of the jewelry branding company Cirtrine Media and gives the scoop on how eGrading™ is[…]

October 2022

FACETS 2022: “Building Sustainable Diamond Economies” Panel Recap

Last month, Facets 2022 saw the diamond industry’s top experts, retailers, traders and stakeholders, as well as politicians gather at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre to discuss the future of the diamond sector. During the two-day event, numerous panels held discussions covering our industry from multiple angles. 


October 2022

The Brand Transparency Tool to Boost Your Diamond & Jewelry Sales

You know the awful feeling when you find a cheap airfare, only to discover that with all the hidden fees, it’s really not cheap at all? This is an example of brand non-transparency.

September 2022

Traceability: A Diamond Retailer's Saving Grace

Few in the industry will ever admit it, but in many ways the diamond sector is quite out of touch. Only a decade ago, mystery, high speech, and obscurity were everything consumers would expect to face when purchasing a luxury gem. However, times have changed and so have the values and passions of the modern consumer. Above all else,[…]

September 2022

Sarine's Diamond Report: Redefining The Consumer Experience

In our previous blog, we revealed to the retailer exactly how their brand’s equity could be elevated by plugging into Sarine’s fully digitalized diamond report. Furthermore, we assured them that the power was theirs. From how a diamond's journey and evaluation are presented to its physical design, these reports are customizable to[…]

September 2022

How we're officially living in an AI-powered world

In our society and individual lives, AI can best be described as an express way to advancement with no exit ramps. We at Sarine are experiencing this first-hand. Let’s look at diamond grading. Over the past generations, it has been an inconsistent, inaccurate, inefficient, and completely manual process. By introducing AI technology[…]

August 2022
August 2022

Sarine's Diamond Report: Grasping The Retail Experience

Is merely reading about the dynamic nature of Sarine’s diamond report enough? Its revolutionizing effect on the retail sector for both customers and retailers on a variety of fronts has been covered extensively. It’s the engaging diamond sales tool of the century, allowing retailers to present consumers with a diamond that can be[…]

July 2022