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December 2023

2024 Diamondscape: Leading Trends and the Shifting Landscape of Consumer Demands

As we step into 2024, we’ve compiled a roadmap for any diamond professional composed of all the dominant trends, marketing strategies, and cutting-edge innovations one needs to know to shine bright in 2024. 

December 2023

High Speed Automated Rough Diamond Registration: The Latest Traceability Innovation You Should Know

In an era defined by shifting consumer values, the new G7 regulations, and heightened ethical considerations, the diamond industry is undergoing a profound transformation. No longer satisfied with mere opulence, today's consumers seek the narrative behind their diamonds. Technology, notably Sarine's groundbreaking solutions, has[…]

December 2023

OpenAI and Marketing Enthusiast - Co-Pilots or Competitors?

Does generative AI leave a space for the spark of human creativity?

Nearly a year has passed since ChatGPT exploded onto the scene. For those of you who are using it – and I hope most of you are – it’s clear that AI has progressed to an almost superhuman level of creativity.

I am a strong believer that creativity is what makes a[…]

December 2023