The Diamond Blog

September 2022

Traceability: A Diamond Retailer's Saving Grace

Few in the industry will ever admit it, but in many ways, the diamond sector is quite out of touch. Only a decade ago, mystery, high speech, and obscurity were everything consumers would expect to face when purchasing a luxury gem. However, times have changed, and so have the values and passions of the modern consumer. Above all[…]

September 2022

Sarine's Diamond Report: Redefining The Consumer Experience

In our previous blog, we revealed to the retailer exactly how their brand’s equity could be elevated by plugging into Sarine’s fully digitalized diamond report. Furthermore, we assured them that the power was theirs. From how a diamond's journey and evaluation are presented to its physical design, these reports are customizable to[…]

September 2022

How we're officially living in an AI-powered world

In our society and individual lives, AI can best be described as an express way to advancement with no exit ramps. We at Sarine are experiencing this first-hand. Let’s look at diamond grading. Over the past generations, it has been an inconsistent, inaccurate, inefficient, and completely manual process. By introducing AI technology[…]