July 2024

Delve into the Top 1%: Diamonds with the 8X® Ultimate Cut Grade

Ever wondered about the crème de la crème of diamond cuts?

GCAL by Sarine's 8X® Ultimate Cut Grade is the epitome of diamond brilliance! The 8X® Ultimate Cut Grade was developed to distinguish the best of the best diamonds. In today’s market, While over 70% of natural round brilliant diamonds and 85% of lab-grown diamonds boast[…]

June 2024

JCK 2024: Event Highlights and Industry Insights

JCK 2024 in Las Vegas once again proved itself as the premier gathering for the jewelry industry, flaunting dazzling innovations, pivotal shifts, and fascinating trends. Here’s your front-row seat to the key highlights and insights from this glittering event.

June 2024

‘Most Valuable Planning’: The New Cloud-Based Software to Boost Diamond Profitability

The diamond manufacturing industry today relies completely on advanced technologies for rough planning, cutting and polishing. Over the past 35 years, Sarine has been at the forefront, developing groundbreaking systems that optimize the production of rough diamonds to extract maximum value. Today, Sarine’s latest innovation, Most[…]

May 2024

Internal Color Grading: Even More Accuracy and Efficiency with the Updated Sarine Color™ Device

In 2016, the diamond industry witnessed a seismic shift with the introduction of Sarine Color™ - a groundbreaking innovation harnessing the power of machine learning to automatically and accurately grade the color of diamonds.

Together with Sarine Clarity™, Sarine launched a new dawn in the world of diamond grading – the first[…]